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July 22, 2008

Ian Woosnam


STEVE TODD: Thanks a lot for coming in.
IAN WOOSNAM: Thank you.
STEVE TODD: You come here as leading the European Seniors Order of Merit; would be nice after two wins already this season to get a third in this tournament.
IAN WOOSNAM: It's always more difficult to win a major tournament, but yeah, two wins so far, and that's very pleasing. If I can keep the form as I've been over the last four or five weeks, six weeks, I feel like I've got a chance. I'm doing well this week.
STEVE TODD: You've taken quite seamlessly to Seniors' life; are you enjoying yourself so far?
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, it's nice being out on the seniors, there's not so much pressure on you. These guys that bomb it miles, the young lads, you feel like you're not catching up all the time, you feel like you're in the right area where everybody else is, so you feel like you've got a chance, and if you play well and putt well, you can win any tournament, you've got to putt well and if you can do that, as I say you've got to win some tournaments.
STEVE TODD: We've had quite a bit of experience on the links courses so far this year and you've done quite well out there.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, second in Wales and ninth in Irish, and parkland courses, really, a win in Poland and a win in Russia; so, you know, it would be nice to win on a sea links golf course, which I haven't done since the Irish Open, I think it is.
STEVE TODD: Last time we spoke to you, were going to get the trusty old irons out this week.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, I think so. I fetched the 1-iron out this week, played today, and the course is playing beautiful, very fair. The rough, if you hit it in real bad spots, it's punishing. But other than that, again, you've just got to make sure you miss all the bunkers and you've got to play, to get the ball in the right part of the fairway and play sensibly and obviously you're going to have longer shots sometimes and that's what you have to do if you want to -- if you don't want to take a risk too much.

Q. Did you surprise yourself by how well you've played so far?
IAN WOOSNAM: With my health maybe. I obviously expected to win. I haven't done too well in America. I've been finding that quite trickier. I think it's just the way the courses are more setup there, but as soon as I come back to Europe it's more my style of play and I finds it more easier to play for some reason. I need to hit the ball a little bit straighter off the tee in America to do well I think, which as I seem to play a little bit more, I seem to have gotten into the groove, as we say, because I haven't played for a year properly really, and, you know, today I haven't played for a couple of weeks really, and I surprised myself how well I played today, which is good.

Q. Are you enjoying your golf these days?
IAN WOOSNAM: Funny I'm not really enjoying it because I'm struggling to get around the golf course. Although I'm getting around I'm struggling with my legs and back a little bit. I'm always in a spasm all the time. If I can really get rid of that, then I could really enjoy it. It's just a bit of a hard work getting around. I think the golf is great, but it's just the pain of having to go around 18 holes really. I just can't get rid of it and don't look forward -- looking forward to playing the golf, but not looking forward to the 18 holes I walk.

Q. How good was Greg's performance last week?
IAN WOOSNAM: I think some of the old guys can do well on a sea links golf course. You don't have to be super long. As I say you have to play the course as it is. You could be hitting 4-irons off the tee; you could be hitting 2-irons off the tee but it's putting the ball in position and it's learning how to control your ball in the wind.
Not knocking the young guys, but with the modern equipment and everything, the ball goes so high. I used my 1-iron today and it's amazing, you know, how high it flies compared to what it used to do. I've really got to try and hit it super low to keep it down with the new ball.
I think some of the more experienced and older guys can get around a course last week with the weather being like it is. It's not surprising Greg did well. Maybe just a few shots here or there on the last round just didn't quite go right for him or he could have gone really close.

Q. Was it inspirational for players of your generation?
IAN WOOSNAM: Very much so. I think it can always happen on a sea links golf course. I don't think it can happen much on a U.S. Open course. If it was short, yeah, the way they have these golf courses, 7,500, it's a young man's game now.

Q. What chance do you think Colin Montgomerie has of making The Ryder Cup Team now?
IAN WOOSNAM: Well, if what they said in the paper was right, three more tournaments to play -- he played well in France and we all know how good of a player he is and now good he's been for the team. I think there's so many good players out there, that I think he's got to perform the next few weeks to give Nick Faldo someone to pick really, for him to pick him.

Q. How do you think the team is shaping up?
IAN WOOSNAM: I think looking at it, would he have got a good balance and some youngsters. Obviously if Monty can play well and get in there, he might just well pick him for his experience and put him in there. I think most probably obviously have to talk to him and see how he feels and everything.

Q. Would you consider picking someone in that position?
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, I think last time I picked Darren Clarke really, we all know what happened, but Darren was playing well, and he had not played for a while and obviously was a bit of a risk, but I think the experience of Darren and what it was, I think that's why I picked him. I think that's what Nick Faldo will be looking at. I think he'll be looking at who is going to match and fit into the team.

Q. Who else do you think might be up for a pick?
IAN WOOSNAM: I don't know, so many lads, I don't want to leave any lads out, there is so many good ones.

Q. Do you think that shows the strength of the European Team?
That's what's great, I think two years ago, I had a fantastic team, and you could have put another dozen players behind them, as well. I think it looks like it's going to be doing that again.
STEVE TODD: Thank you, Ian.

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