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July 20, 2008

Chris Wood


MALCOLM BOOTH: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Chris Wood, shot 72 today for a four-round total of 290 and is the winner of the Silver Medal. Chris, take us through your thoughts on an incredible week for you.
CHRIS WOOD: I don't know what to say, to be honest (smiling). It's been the best week of my life. The support I've had from my family, my friends, my coach, my trainer drove up from Devon this morning. Everyone at my golf club has just been overwhelming this week, and I expect I won a few more over in the crowd.

Q. Congratulations. Ten years ago Justin Rose chipped in on the 72nd hole at Birkdale and turned professional and missed 21 cuts. Can you tell us, do you have any plans to turn pro after this week?
CHRIS WOOD: Not at the moment, no. I'm having a week off (laughter).

Q. What about the week after that?
CHRIS WOOD: I'm going to play in the English Amateur at the moment.

Q. Where is that?
CHRIS WOOD: Woodall Spa.

Q. Were you aware that at one time you were three shots off the lead in the Open?

Q. How did it feel?
CHRIS WOOD: I didn't feel any pressure at all, really, apart from the first tee. I didn't really feel like there was any pressure on me all day.
I tried to play one shot at a time, which is obviously a lot harder to do. But no, I was just looking at leaderboards because I was just enjoying it.

Q. Congratulations, as well. Interesting that you work in a place called the Priory's Barman. Are you going to go back there to celebrate?
CHRIS WOOD: No, I finished there 18 months ago.

Q. I imagine they're supporting you, though, aren't they? What are you going to do tonight to celebrate, any idea?
CHRIS WOOD: Not at the moment. I haven't had time to think about anything at the moment. Obviously I'm staying around for the presentation and then got a long drive home.

Q. What was it like playing with Ian today?
CHRIS WOOD: Amazing. I obviously didn't know what to expect obviously before the 1st, and he's such a great player, played Ryder Cup, and he's such a nice guy going round. It was probably the best moment of the week for me to see him holing that putt on the last. I was just so pleased for him.

Q. Can you tell me the sort of support you've received from the English Golf Union and what this performance shows for the state of English amateur golf?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, the opportunities, being on the England team, are just unbelievable. I was in Australia for three weeks in April, all the international matches we play, I've been to Argentina, Mexico, Russia. I mean, you get experience playing like a professional as an amateur, and then obviously the coaching we have there is -- they've got great coaches, and it's just the guys I play with, as well, the standard in amateur golf is so high that just a lot of the guys who have turned pro this year or last year and this is their first year as pro are doing so well. They've come straight out of the England team. I think it just shows how strong it is.

Q. I understand you were once at the Bristol City Football Club Academy. 6'5" I presume is a centre half or a centre goalkeeper. Can you tell us how close you came to a career in football? Was it ever really on the cards? Probably not really in the cards. You got injured, didn't you?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I think when I was about 14 I got a loose bone in my knee and sort of got out of bed one day and sort of collapsed down on the floor and couldn't play for ages, lost interest in football and obviously had a lot more time to practise my golf. Every year I've improved so far.

Q. You talked about the guys who have gone on to the Challenge Tour. Will that maybe have a bearing on the decision you make when you do sit down to make that decision?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, I mean, to be honest, I haven't, had time to think about anything so far. So as I say, I'm just going to go home tonight and have a week off.

Q. Was there ever a point around the 10th where you actually thought, I could actually win this? And if so, what did you think when you got those two lies in the bunker?
CHRIS WOOD: It's probably not my day. I didn't really hit two bad shots and got absolutely -- well, I was completely penalised for not being that far off. But that's links golf. I felt like I dealt with it quite well, and it was just unfortunate having three bogeys in the middle of the back nine. That's not what you need to win tournaments like this.

Q. You mentioned the other day about your sister ringing you up and saying, "Are you at that golf thingy?" Have you spoken to her since?
CHRIS WOOD: She sent me a text message last night. I can't remember what it said. I don't think she knows much about golf (laughter).

Q. Do you know where she is?
CHRIS WOOD: She's in Prague at the moment.
MALCOLM BOOTH: Chris, thank you very much.

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