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July 20, 2008

Shanshan Feng


JASON TAYLOR: All right, thanks, Jenny, for coming in today. Match round out there you are currently tied for second overall right now at 16 under. Talk about today.
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm feeling very good now because last week I broke my low score. It was 67 before, and I broke it to 64. And then today I made it to 63, so I broke it again. I'm very happy.
JASON TAYLOR: You're on a roll.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes. I think today my putting is the best for the week, so that's why I shoot the low score today.
I didn't make any bogeys. I didn't make any mistakes. It's a pretty awesome round.
JASON TAYLOR: Let's go through your scorecard. Birdie on hole 3.
JASON TAYLOR: What did you use on that one?
SHANSHAN FENG: I hit the driver and then it was at left center. And then I hit my 5-iron for 170 into the wind. And I hit it to be 10 feet from the hole, and then I made it.
JASON TAYLOR: And then another birdie on hole 6, par 5.
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah. I hit two shots. I hit it to the left side of the green, and then I chipped it to maybe 5 feet from the hole and then I made it for birdie.
JASON TAYLOR: And then on hole 10?
SHANSHAN FENG: Hole 10, I just -- the second shot I didn't hit very well. I hit an 11-iron and that put it maybe 20 feet from the hole. And then I made it again.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. And, again, on hole 11?
SHANSHAN FENG: Hole 11. Yep, I put the ball 5 feet from the hole on the right of the hole and then putted it.
JASON TAYLOR: And then on hole 12?
SHANSHAN FENG: Hole 12, second shot I hit a 9-iron, 130 into the wind. I hit it a little past the pin. 5 yards from the hole maybe, and then I made it again.
JASON TAYLOR: And then you got an eagle on 13.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes. Actually, this is my first eagle of the year I mean, on the TOUR. Second shot I had 216 to the front and the pin was at the front and it was downwind. I used a hybrid and then hit it 6feet to the hole and then I made an eagle.
JASON TAYLOR: And then a birdie on 15, the par 4.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I hit -- second shot was 56 degrees. It was 85 yards to the pin, and I put it maybe 3 yards from the hole.
JASON TAYLOR: Finally, a birdie on 16, par 5.
SHANSHAN FENG: Second shot, I have two -- 184 to the front and it was downwind. I was going to hit a 4-iron, but I didn't hit it well. I was in the bunker. And I chipped it for three yards and then made a birdie.
JASON TAYLOR: Thanks for that. Let's go to questions.

Q. Jenny, obviously, you were in a very, very early group, quite a few shots behind the lead going into today. But with the low scores this week, did you go out there today thinking, I need to shoot a low score to have a chance to win this tournament or just to have a -- give myself a good high finish?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually, I didn't think about it. I didn't think about I would win -- I would have a chance to win today. I had one 11 -- it was 11 strokes between me and the leader.
I thought I was playing well, and I didn't think about to win. I just wanted to get a good score, put me in a good place, that's all.

Q. Number 13, that was your first eagle this year; is that right?

Q. Earlier this year, had you had a few other close --

Q. Yeah, chances.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, I did. The same like the 16th hole, I got two-shot on the green and one day was only 4 yards from the hole, I didn't make it.

Q. You played very well last week in Toledo, had a fourth-place finish.

Q. Played very well here this week. Are you finally feeling comfortable with the LPGA TOUR? Is that a factor in your play?
SHANSHAN FENG: At the beginning of this year, I didn't have any experience about being on the TOUR. So I wasn't playing very well at the beginning, but I got better after the McDonald's. I made the cut at McDonald's, so I got more confident. And I think it is getting better and better.

Q. What do you like about this golf course?
SHANSHAN FENG: It's not a long course and the fairways are wide so it is easy for people to shoot low scores. But you have to putt well. That's what I think. Thank you.

Q. You mentioned out there again your hometown in China. Could you maybe spell that again?
SHANSHAN FENG: G-u-a-n-g-z-h-o-u. That's one word.

Q. You said that's kind of in the southern part of the country?

Q. Was your home city, was it affected by the earthquake at all?
SHANSHAN FENG: No, it was far away.

Q. I know China is a very large country.

Q. But I didn't know. I think in a golf magazine this week it talked about how China is maybe the next potential country where golf could take off. Where is -- where is golf right now in China? Is it accessible to a lot of people, or is it still kind of considered an exclusive sport?
SHANSHAN FENG: There are not too many people to play golf yet in China. Although the population in China is very big. But I think it would be more and more people to play because it is in (indiscernible) now. I think more and more children, they will play and then more and more courses will be built.
I think golf will be more popular in China.

Q. I didn't look in the media guide. Are there a few other girls on TOUR from China, or are you one of the few?
SHANSHAN FENG: There are five, I believe, this year. There are five from Taiwan but I am the only one from mainland.

Q. Yani is --
SHANSHAN FENG: Yani is from Taiwan, yeah.

Q. Are there girls from China on the FUTURES TOUR who we could see in a few years maybe?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think there were some girls on the FUTURES TOUR, I believe. There were maybe eight or nine -- nine girls.
And I think maybe two of them have won, like, the events on FUTURES TOUR. But they all went back to China.

Q. I mean, do you feel like you're kind of special or maybe that you're being kind of a leader for your country, you know, being the first, you know, woman out here on the LPGA TOUR?
SHANSHAN FENG: It is a little bit of pressure, you know, because you are the only one. Everyone is watching you.
I think I am still young, so I have more faith that I can grow up and then I think I can get better. So I think, in my mind, I feel like if I get better, then more and more people would play golf and golf will get better.

Q. How will you spend the rest of this afternoon? Kind of just waiting to see where you'll finish? Will you go hit balls or anything, or will you just try to cool off?
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't think I'm going to win because I think there are some easy holes in the back nine so they're going to make birdies. I still think it is a good result for me for this week.
And then I'm going to prepare for the British Open because I just qualified last week, so I'm going back to Orlando this week and then I'll go -- I'm going to England maybe on Friday night.

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