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July 20, 2008

Ken Duke


THE MODERATOR: Ken Duke, thanks for coming into to speak with us. Runner-up finish today here at the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. Going out there today you might have thought, final round 65, I'd be in good position. Richard S. Johnson shoots 64, clips you by one. Your second runner-up finish in the last two years. Obviously, playing well. Played so well on the Nationwide Tour in 2006, a lot of expectations coming out. You played great last year. You played well this year. You have to be pleased.
KEN DUKE: I am. Worked hard. And meeting Bob Toski in January '06 has changed my life, changed my swing, and the consistency is night and day. And it's just been great. It's fun to play golf. You're not fighting it all the time.
I had a great day today and Richard did too. Even George did too. Made a couple bad holes coming in, but we had a great day. We had a great group, and it was great. I appreciate everyone here in Milwaukee.
THE MODERATOR: Take us through number 18. You're coming in you had the first shot going into the green a chance to put pressure on Richard.
KEN DUKE: I couldn't get there. I was trying to get there, but he had a great drive, had about 20 in front of me, made it a little easier for him.
I think if I could have got on the green, never know, but he the rescue in. But he's been swinging good all day, and you don't wish him bad things, but that is what you practice for, the pressure situations, and hope you can pull them off when it's time do the it.

Q. What was it like on the course? I think there were seven different guys sharing the lead and guys taking birdies and sometimes bogeys?
KEN DUKE: I was trying not to look at the board until I got to the last few holes. I knew I had to catch Richard before I could even look. And a I was lucky he was in my group.
I knew a lot of people would come from behind and put up a good score. You expect that here. The golf course is in great shape. The rough's not too deep like it has been before. The greens are soft and rolling good. You can fire right at it, so you expect that. And it's just a great tournament.

Q. You acknowledged Mr. Toski when you came in here. Can you talk about what he's meant to you, and what he did to your swing?
KEN DUKE: Anyone that knows me, knows I use to play a draw. My whole career I've always set up open. I went down to see him one time, and he said, Why don't you try to cut it instead of draw? It's like you are going across your set-up and swing. He says, It's going to be easier for you to swing down your line. So started doing that in January of '06 and won the Nationwide Tour money list that year.
Then I came out here last year and finished 37th. So the consistency is just there. I've worked hard on it. It's easy, but it's not. You have to work hard and put the hours in. But he's just a great guy. Just a history guy.
He's been around the best, Hogan, Sneed, Nelson. He's been around all those guys and played with those guys. Just good vibes come from when I am around him. It's really special.

Q. Can you just talk about the way Richard played today in his first victory; he played pretty solid?
KEN DUKE: He played good. I holed a couple putts on him earlier, but he holed a couple back on me. And he got it up and down on 12, which was great. He got it up and down on 16 after I stiffed it in there. And he made the putt on 17. And that's why-- as a player, that's what you practice for is to hit the shots when it's time to hit them. And he did it.
You know, that's the way it goes. Just have to keep going and put yourself in that situation and never know might be your turn sometime.

Q. Talk a little bit about last year, runner-up in New Orleans. A great year for you, your best as a professional. Runner-up this week. What will you take away from this week maybe a little differently than you would have last year?
KEN DUKE: Really a lot of the same, just trying to be patient out there. I never got ahead of myself all day. I didn't rush shots. So easy to get, Hey, I'm in the lead, you know, and get ahead of yourself and just tried to walk slow and just take my time and didn't ever feel nervous out there at all. I knew my game is where it should be. When you put in the hours and prepare yourself, there's no looking back. Just go forward.
THE MODERATOR: All right, Ken. Thanks so much. Good playing.
KEN DUKE: Thank you guys.

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