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July 18, 2008

Robert Allenby


Q. Tell us your impressions about your second round.
ROBERT ALLENBY: I think I played nearly as good as I did yesterday. The only difference was the ball went in a little quicker yesterday than it did today.
I hit a lot of good shots today, but as of today, a couple of them just came up a little short or maybe just a little bit long, just misjudging the wind. But I didn't really do a lot different from yesterday. I mean, yesterday I managed to shoot 1-under and today I go shoot 3-over. But still, I mean, 3-over is a great score in those conditions.
And to be only 2-over for the tournament, you know, I'm right there where I need to be. It's a marathon, it's not a sprint. I've got two more days to go, and there's a lot of golf to be played.

Q. How are the conditions compared to yesterday?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, for us, you know, they're definitely a lot tougher today, at least I thought -- they felt a lot tougher, anyway. Obviously the rain was sort of off and on this morning, and then for about two and a half hours, a patch there of no rain until the last sort of 10, 15 minutes coming down that last hole.
You know, it's difficult. The wind was a little bit stronger maybe, just slightly different angle. But it felt like there wasn't too many easy holes out there, that's for sure. It's just a matter of grinding out and just hanging tough.

Q. You're in great Australian company. Adam Scott is just coming in behind you, but also Greg Norman is coming off a phenomenal two days.
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, he is. He's playing fantastic, that's great. He's always great when he does play, and I think it's a great thing for the tournament. I think it's great for golf, and you know, it's great for us to see him right there leading the way.
You know, it's amazing, for ten years straight he was the one to beat and he's going to be the one to beat this week.

Q. We thought you guys didn't like bad weather.
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, growing up in Australia, you know, this is a good winter's day. But I guess it's summer over here, isn't it?
All the Australians grew up in all types of weather, and a lot of golf where you have to bump it low and hit a lot of bump-and-run shots and little low punch shots and work the wind out and stuff like that, whereas America is a lot different.
Over here you have to hit it low and you have to control the ball.

Q. When you have a really tough day like today, you have to just keep plugging away the whole time?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, absolutely. I hit a lot of good putts early that didn't go in. I just misread them, which is not hard to do out here. They're putting all these flags on these knobs and places that you wouldn't think that they would put them. It just made putting a little tougher.
You know, I was happy to get a couple of birdies in towards the end there. It was just a matter of hanging tough and just trying to make a couple to finish with and get myself back down closer to the lead.

Q. There's just no way to attack the course at this stage, is there, it's just survival?
ROBERT ALLENBY: You can't attack this golf course. As soon as you start attacking it, it'll grab you and chew you up, that's for sure. I mean, it's a tough golf course. It always was a tough golf course, but now they've added extra yardage on a lot of the holes. It's tough. It's just a grind from the first hole to the last hole.

Q. What about Greg Norman? Was he one of your heroes? Did you look up to him? How does he fit into your upbringing?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Growing up, I was only a little kid, I used to be one of those kids that would run down the fairways and try and get the best view of watching him and stuff. I think it's pretty amazing. I think it's awesome that he's playing so well. It's just amazing that he hasn't had really much competitive golf in the last two or three years, and now he's right there. He's leading the way.

Q. Just a word on the French amateur you played with the first two rounds. What do you think of his game?
ROBERT ALLENBY: I think Benjamin has got a good game. He played well today. I mean, he was unlucky towards the end there making a few bogeys, but he's got a great game. He's got a very bright future. You know, he's a good young player, really. He really is.

Q. He said he learned from you on those two days?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Good. I'm happy to help him. I played well myself, so even when times were tough, 4-over for the day, I hung in there, and that's what you have to do. You've just got to be patient and just hope that -- not hope, you've just got to grind away and try and make a couple of birdies. That's what I did, and I'm sure with him watching that that he could probably learn something from it. He's got a bright future.

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