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July 18, 2008

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: Hanging in there. You know, I played a solid round today. Yesterday I got off to a bad start and brought it back. Today I had some opportunities on the back nine. I made a few real good putts, I had a few slide by the edge. But overall, you know, I guess the only thing that sticks, I had basically a 5-iron into 17 after a good drive and made par, so a little disappointed there. But the round was solid, hit the ball in the fairway quite often and put the ball on the green. I need a few more putts to drop here and there, but so does everyone else.

Q. You talked about your putting overall. I know you've gone back and forth with some putters but you've had this one for a couple of months. How does it feel?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I feel all right. I really got off to a poor start yesterday with the putter, three-putted a bunch early, missed a couple short ones, and out in that tough weather and windy, I was pretty shaky there early on.
By the end of the round I knocked in some good putts, played well down the stretch, and felt a lot more relaxed out there with the putter in my hand, and I hit a lot of good, solid putts today.

Q. What was it like to see someone get as hot as Camilo did down the stretch?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, birdieing the last five is -- he three-putted 13, I guess, and it must have chapped him a little. He turned it around and birdied the last five on us. 15, 17, he had some good opportunities, but you really have to work hard on -- 16 was an incredible birdie, and 14 was a good birdie. He played really well and knocked in some clutch putts, hit some good shots.
I can see it happening, but just as quick as that happens, I can understand five bogeys in a row, too. It's a tough golf course.

Q. You've been a little hot and cold at this tournament over the years. It's been hotter later. Have you figured something out or are you just getting more comfortable?
JIM FURYK: I kind of go back to early in my career I played well. I hit the ball well, very naturally. I played well in the States when it was windy. I won in Hawaii a bunch. I was comfortable hitting the ball down.
Coming over here I always felt like early in my career this was my best chance to win a major. As I became a better player on our Tour, I really geared my game to flight the ball a little higher, to spin the ball a little bit more, and I really worked hard on being able to -- basically I needed that to play more golf courses and to be more consistent on Tour.
And as I worked the ball up in the air higher and higher and higher as we need in the U.S., I came over here and struggled to make the transition, and I should have done a better job. Then the last few years I think I've done a lot better job on that transition and really have, I think, just made a concerted effort to really get over here and get the job done.
For some reason in there I just did a bad job in the early 2000s. I think I had five in a row years where I missed the cut, and it was my best major up to that point. Hopefully I can continue a better streak now.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK: The last few years I've arrived on Saturday morning, and I'm comfortable with that. I feel like I get five days of golf, and if I can't adapt in five days, then --

Q. Where else did you play here?
JIM FURYK: I played Hoylake on Saturday with my caddie. Two years ago I went to the K Club trying to get ready for the Ryder Cup. Last year was Carnoustie, and I went to St. Andrews for a day. Usually off-site for Saturday, my caddie and I go somewhere and play golf, and then Sunday I put him to work.

Q. Are you surprised at all to come off the course and see Greg Norman's name at the top of the leaderboard?
JIM FURYK: No, he was there yesterday. No, I'm not surprised. I think he's competed well over here. He's an Open champion. I think that he's not -- I think the surprising part, if any, is that he hasn't competed that much this year and for the last few years. Obviously if he made a concerted effort and was playing a lot more, it wouldn't surprise me a bit, and I'm not surprised, but I think it's quite an accomplishment being that he hasn't played a lot of tournament golf in the last few years and is able to come out here like he hasn't missed a beat.

Q. Do you see there being an opportunity to attack this course over the weekend, or is it just a question of --
JIM FURYK: The forecast is awful, so I would say no. Sunday is supposed to be a little bit nicer, but we all know that those can change quickly. If the wind dies down, yes. If the wind stays up at this pace, it's going to be very difficult to attack.
But you need to pick and choose your spots, and there's some holes out there where you get some short irons in your hand, you have an ability to make some birdies, and there's some -- 6 comes to mind right off the bat where bogey is not a bad score at times, and making a par feels like a birdie.

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