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July 18, 2008

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Were you pleased with --
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Pleased with the start? No, not really, wasn't pleased with the start at all. I don't know what, you try and analyze what goes on, and I don't know, as a golfer you try and analyze what goes on. After 5 and 6, I hit two great drives on 5 and 6 and ended up scoring up 5-over par for the two of them. Stood on the 7th tee and put a good swing on a 5-iron and almost holed it. I thought, okay, we can do this, I'm back to 9 over now, and the cut will be around about that, and it's actually lying 70th, so it's right on the cusp of 8 or 9 right now, so I needed one more birdie, and there's a lot of dangerous holes to go.
At the end of the day, I'm quite proud that I managed to play the last 12 holes in 2-under feeling the way I did walking off the 6th green, because that wasn't a great feeling, believe me.

Q. Under those circumstances, inevitably there will be some mental turmoil. How do you combat that?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: As you say, it was that bad -- I've never witnessed that before or thought about that, so I hadn't practised that one. I can practise bogeys. You know, that's okay. But triples and doubles, no, I don't often -- I don't have to practise -- I don't practise that. So it is quite difficult to get over that in your head, you know? I was fortunate in a way. I hit a very good iron shot at the 7th, hit a 5-iron and almost holed it. I just tapped it and that gave me something to work on at least. But 6-over -- 7-over after 6, that's the worst start I think I've ever made in any event, especially having hit both fairways.

Q. (Inaudible.)
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 5 I was. I missed it on 5. I thought of dropping it the first time because it was really unplayable, and I thought, well, it was such a downhill lie that I felt I could actually move it forward and down the hill and onto the verge of the green. But I couldn't even do that, missed it completely. Actually what happened is I went right underneath the ball and made it worse. I dug another hole for itself and it went further down. So I thought, I'll give up there. So I moved it back and dropped it and it rolled into a divot, and I don't want to go on.
7 was good.

Q. Was that as difficult as it's been for you mentally?

Q. 9, did that feel like another setback to you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, that was bad, I just birdied 7 and 8 and hit a lovely 7-iron into the 9th about four-foot, and that was a shocking putt. And then I missed one at the 16th, as well. But I managed to get my birdie at 17 and then play the last safely. At that stage you're not thinking about anything but trying to play on Saturday, you know.

Q. (Inaudible.)
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The weather forecast is awful, and if you get out early, which of course I'm doing, and you can score a Camilo Villegas, you get into position.

Q. Padraig was saying that he believes anyone who's made the cut has still got a chance, so obviously you've got a chance then?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I agree with him. All credit to him, by the way. He's not well, obviously, and to defend and then to score 68 today was a good effort for him. Looking at the leaderboard, you know, we could possibly see a defending champion defend, which would be great.

Q. I know I asked you yesterday, but you seem much more relaxed than usual. Is it deliberate in terms of how you're approaching?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You should have seen me on the 7th tee (laughter). I wouldn't have answered your question in the same way, no. But hey, what can one do, you know? I mean, there's worse things that can happen. It was that bad that it was -- nothing I could say, really. It was that bad a start.

Q. There appeared to be a couple of TV buggies that were not helping you around 4 or 5?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Keeping the TV buggies out of the fairways, that would have been good. 36 people on the 7th fairway -- the 8th fairway, which is not including players, which is 36, probably too many.

Q. Did you start counting?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I did, yeah (laughter). But you wouldn't think it with anything else, would you, really. I had a count, and there was 36, not including the players.

Q. Was play that slow that you had time to count it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, I just hit my shot and had a count.

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