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October 15, 2004

Scott Drummond

Ernie Els


ERNIE ELS: Scott certainly made a contest of it. I wasn' as sharp as I could be in the first 18 holes and knew I had to get off to a better start in the second round and I did that, but he countered me and on the back nine I didn't want to get in too much trouble and he showed a lot of character and I'm just happy to get through.

As No. 1 seed, there is always pressure on me to perform and if I lose it's a huge thing but it's not quite the same for him. It was tough and good to get through. I haven't played either Choi or Cabrera; although KJ was a team-mate of mine in the Presidents Cup. Whoever it is, I know it's going to be another tough game.

Q. Slightly surreal experience this morning?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yes it was a little bit strange I must admit. I needed something special really this morning but it was nice to still be in there with a chance with a couple of holes to go.

Q. Your drive was nearly perfect but just clipped the trees?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yes, I just drew it a little bit. But it was a long hole to get up in two at this morning.

Q. Did you get a good night's sleep?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yes, I slept fine. I did the night before as well to be honest, just looking forward to playing. But it was a great experience and a confidence booster for me. A fantastic experience obviously, but at the same time it was still disappointing to lose. I felt yesterday afternoon I missed some good chances on the front nine which would have kept the match a bit closer and possibly given me a chance to win but it wasn't to be.

Q. You gave him a little bit of a fright though?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yes, although Ernie didn't play great yesterday morning and I was pretty steady and took advantage of that. He got a nice hot start yesterday afternoon and I missed a few putts as well which let it slip away a bit.

Q. He holed a couple from outside you as well, didn't he?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yes, I hit it stiff, second shot on the fourth and then he chipped in and I missed two chances on the next two holes to win the hole and then he rolled it in on the eighth and I missed. Eight and nine I missed two eight or nine footers for halves so that was the only thing, which was slightly disappointing, but it was a great experience.

Q. Playing next week?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: No I am having a week off and then the Volvo Masters. Then there is the World Cup so there is still a lot of good stuff to come for me.

Q. What did you learn from playing him?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I think I can learn about myself really, how to handle myself in another different type of pressure situation and I felt pretty comfortable. I have been striking the ball well coming into this week but I knew I was going to have to putt well, you always do in match play, so you can learn a bit about yourself which is always good.

End of FastScripts.

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