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July 12, 2008

Adam Scott


Q. What happened on 17?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm behind the chip thinking about it, how am I going to hole it, and couple practise swings just like on the chipping green, I was chipping real good and get over the ball, and, oohh, that lie is a little bit thin, don't chunk it. Hit it about four feet. So, I mean, mental error. Disappointing but it was a good finish. Standing on 16 tee, if you would have said, I'll give you three pars, I'd take that. Tough three holes.

Q. You took a double there, the chip was the second shot?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, well then I had the same chip again and of course I hit more ball than I needed to, so I chipped it about 12 feet by.

Q. Is it just from not so much golf of late?
ADAM SCOTT: Maybe. Pretty ordinary mental concentration to do that.

Q. You're in a great position after not a very satisfactory start the first day.
ADAM SCOTT: At the moment but I'm expecting to be three or four back maybe, maybe more, I don't know.
At least I have a chance to have a run at it tomorrow.

Q. Get that low one in the bag.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I feel like I do have a low one in me for sure. And you know, I might need it tomorrow.
Coming to 18, I knew I made the mistake, I just needed to focus. You have to leave those things behind you, which, you know, you've got to be a bit focused and obviously I wasn't on 17. But got to leave it there, and 18 is a tough hole, a lot of trouble if you are not focused.

Q. Is the course playing any tougher than the previous two days or about the same?
ADAM SCOTT: No, the wind is a bit tougher today. There's a bit of gust and it's definitely a little tougher today.

Q. It would be nice to get a second European Tour win under your belt.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it would be great. I'd like to play a round where I'm striking it exactly how I'd like to, and everything else feels good, but still hitting a few wayward ones, and Loch Lomond, you get away with it; at Birkdale, you'll be in a lot of trouble.
I've been working on some stuff, you know, on the range, and it's not quite there yet, but I know what I'm doing.

Q. Is your game as good do you think as it was heading into the final round of Qatar?
ADAM SCOTT: I'd say not quite on the pace of that. I was feeling pretty good about things there, not far away, though.
I think I need a low one, but it's just one day away. I wasn't expecting to shoot 61 there.

Q. What about the hand, I gather it's not bothering you, but what was it and where in your hand?
ADAM SCOTT: I broke the bone just under my knuckle here. It doesn't bother me at all. It's just I've got a shorter little finger now.

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