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July 12, 2008

Chad Campbell


Q. Consistent, three straight 67s. Are you pleased with that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, you know, I left a few out there today. I had some looks on the last three holes. It would have been nice to get at least one of them. But decent shape going into tomorrow. Hopefully won't get too far out of control coming in with the leaders. But I've got a chance for tomorrow, and that's all I can ask for.

Q. Probably have to go lower than 67 tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, probably going to have to go 63, 64 tomorrow. But it's out there.

Q. You're certainly capable. You've played in four straight British Opens. To make it five you'd have to win this thing, and obviously that's a goal?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. You know, it's a nice perk that winning this tournament gets you in, and the flight over, so hopefully go out tomorrow and play a good round and we'll see what happens.

Q. You're a great ball-striker. I think that's come back this week. You're hitting it pretty good.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I'm hitting it a little better this week. That's nice. Actually I've been hitting it pretty good the last month or so, so it's nice to see it encouraging, and it's nice to see some putts to fall, too.

Q. Obviously a nice round out there today. Talk about the conditions of the course, and the weather has been obviously a factor.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Weather is a little crazy out there today. Started off perfect, and in the middle six or seven holes it was blowing 20 miles an hour, and then it got perfect again at the end. It made it a little bit challenging there in the middle, but good scores are out there, that's for sure.

Q. That's what's fun about tournaments here -- everywhere, but yesterday it's hot and humid and sticky and today was different?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Temperature was much better today. You could actually -- actually shirt is a little bit dry, which is a change from the last two days. Everything has been great. Course is in great shape. Held up great with the rains last night obviously.

Q. Nice to be in contention going into Sunday. What has to be done to take this thing home?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I need to make a lot of putts. I've got to shoot a pretty low round tomorrow. I think 15 is leading right now, probably 16 by the end of the day, and four shots back, I need to go out there and shoot a low round.

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