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July 11, 2008

Ernie Els


Q. Solid round, 66, was it a great putting round or poor striking round, how would you describe it?
ERNIE ELS: I think a bit of both. I'm not striking it 100%. You know, you can see that in my finish. I missed the fairway on 7 and 3-putted there and made a great up-and-down on 8 and 9. But you know, I did some good stuff here and there. It's nice to see some putts going in. I haven't putted very well all year, so I guess my putter really worked well today.

Q. You have a tendency to make the game look very easy; what is it like between your two ears, and what's it like for you between the ropes?
ERNIE ELS: Yesterday I let a pretty nice round slip away. I finished 1-over par and today again a little bit. At times, yeah, it seems I'm under control but then at times I can make it very ordinary. I'd like to get everything together over the weekend.

Q. You got off to a nice start today and you kick-started well. Is it a nice find of frame of mind that you get yourself into working up to that or do you just slip into gear when you're out there?
ERNIE ELS: Well, I didn't sleep great last night to be honest. Especially after my finish yesterday. So today's round was on my mind for a long time.
I was quite motivated to do well, and I started very well, which I needed. I guess 2-under is going to be the cut, so I needed to be at least 3-under today. So I needed a good start; I got that, and I started building from there on.

Q. Looking forward to next week?
ERNIE ELS: Yes, but I'm still looking forward to this weekend. I've love to shoot a low one and really get myself in good shape for next week.

Q. YOU said yesterday you felt there was low scores to be shot here, and presumably after today and the conditions are perfect, there's more low scores to be shot for the rest of the field today and at the weekend.
ERNIE ELS: Well, absolutely. You know, I had a very nice one and didn't finish well again. Shot 5-under with a couple blemishes on my card.
The course is there for the taking today, the tees are up and you can see some low scoring.

Q. What sort of score do you think the leaders will be at the end of today, and what sort of score do you think you'll have to shoot tomorrow to be in contention for Sunday?
ERNIE ELS: Well, I think somebody will get it to 10-under par today so, that will leave me six behind, so I need to shoot the lights out to have any chance. I'm just glad I had a good round today to be here for the weekend and we'll wait and see.

Q. A much more pleasing round than yesterday obviously.
ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I had a lot better. You know, I putted better today, and actually I had it really going. The last four holes I was trying to push a little bit to make some birdies but I actually made a bogey on 7. I'm happy to be around for the weekend and can start really building on my game now.

Q. We speak yesterday in jest of not showing up today, that was an indication of the frustration.
ERNIE ELS: Yes, I was very frustrated yesterday. I had a perfect start yesterday and a couple of bad swings and on the back nine even, as I said I could have been 2-under and I finished 1-over yesterday, very frustrated, and at least got something back today.

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