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July 11, 2008

Charlie Wi


STEWART MOORE: Charley Wi, thanks for spending a few moments with us here in the interview room at the John Deere Classic after a round of 67 out there. You set an early mark, still trailing Will MacKenzie, but obviously playing very well this week.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I'm hitting the ball really solid. I spoke to you guys yesterday. I continued my solid ball-striking today and made some putts out there. You know, I left a couple of putts out there, but pretty pleased with the round today.
STEWART MOORE: Just looking at your card, you didn't make your first bogey of this tournament until No. 14 today. Does that ever dawn in your head when you're out there playing, like I haven't made a bogey yet?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, that was a killer for me 85 yards away. But this course, it can be tricky, and certainly when the pins are close to the edges and if you mis-hit it a little bit like I did there, I probably missed my spot by a couple yards, and I was 30 yards from the hole. You've got to be more careful out there.
But at the same time, you've got to stay aggressive to make birdies. It's a Catch 22.

Q. How were the pin placements out there? A lot of them seemed to be tucked either in the back or close to the front where you don't have a lot of green to work with around the sides?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, definitely, and the greens are firmer than it was last night, so when the pins were in the front we had a hard time getting it close to the hole. So I think come the weekend the greens are going to get really firm and the scores aren't going to be as low.

Q. There's a lot of Korean girls out on the LPGA Tour, but --
CHARLIE WI: Not as many on the --

Q. You and K.J. Is the men's game catching up over there?
CHARLIE WI: There's six of us out here now. That's pretty good for a pretty small country.
And I know the girls growing up in Korea, they're pretty mentally tough. I don't know, I get that question a lot. But a lot of the juniors in Korea, you have to go to military for two years. So growing up there could be really good juniors, but when you go to military between 18 and 20, I mean, that's the age where you really need to develop, and they lose those two years and they really struggle when they come back.

Q. So the girls get a pretty good head start on you?
CHARLIE WI: Well, yeah, and I hate to say it, but I don't think LPGA Tour is as deep as the PGA TOUR.

Q. Are you worried Carolyn Bivens is going to find you?
CHARLIE WI: I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about everyone else (laughter).

Q. What can you continue to do? You said you expect the course to get tougher later this weekend. What do you still want to improve on, your ball-striking? You mentioned the mis-hit from 85 out.
CHARLIE WI: You know, golf is so different every day. Your conditions, you feel different, conditions of the course are different. It's not something I don't think any player thinks about out there after they played a round. You've just got to go play that day and just play your best, really. It sounds so cliché, but golf -- I think that's why it's such a great game, because it challenges different aspects of your game and conditions every day, so it's really hard to say, pinpoint what I need to really work on for the weekend or anything. Just go out there and play aggressive and believe in myself.

Q. Are you putting the past behind you shot by shot better than usual? You talked about yesterday in terms of --
CHARLIE WI: Well, when you're hitting a lot more good shots than bad shots, it's easier to do.

Q. Does one thing lead to the other? Is there a chicken-and-egg thing there?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, you know, I think that I can be pretty hard on myself. I know it's not a perfect game, but at times I do get a little bit too judgmental, so I'm trying to get away from that a little bit. But it's easier to say when you're atop the leaderboard, when you're in 50th place. I'm sure you're kicking yourself out there right now.
STEWART MOORE: Charlie, good luck this weekend.

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