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July 10, 2008

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Finish with a bit of a bad taste?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, 7 and 8 were disappointing, especially 8 when I played it 18 times for my wedding and I didn't bogey at all and 3-putted today, that's disappointing. It was a good wedge in at the last and made up for that, so 69 is okay. It's not a very good start but it's a safe start.

Q. How are the conditions early on this morning?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: They weren't too bad actually. We got very lucky. I think at one stage we were anticipating a very long day sitting around. The amount of money they have put into this club on drainage has worked over the years. I think this course is about a foot higher than it was when we first came here. We're all about a foot higher than we should be due to sand.
It does drain. It does drain very well now, considering the rain we've had overnight and this morning was dramatic, so we did very well.

Q. Hard to bogey 8?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, sure, it was almost too much pressure to make a par. Weird, weird. A wedge, crazy.

Q. You said you were getting a putter made.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, I used it today. Whether you'll see it tomorrow, I'm not sure. It's not perfect, you know. But it's okay. It's all right.

Q. Apart from the two bogeys and the birdie finish, seemed a pretty uneventful day, was that what you were looking for as well?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The first fairway I missed was the 7th, the 16th hole, and the first green I missed was the 7th, and I had hit all 15 greens in a row up to that stage.
Yeah, uneventful and get home and rest. A very early start, 4:30 start this morning and a long day already.

Q. How much longer does the course play when it's wet?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Very much longer. The ball is plugging in the fairways and playing with these two guys who hit the ball an awful long way, I was behind today.
So I'm hitting -- well, I had 4-iron into the last, and Lee is hitting a 7, so it's a big difference. It's a big difference. I had a long way into the second, was well, and I'm not getting my run that I usually do on a firmer course.
So this course is playing a lot longer for me and a lower ball flight is not good around here, if you like, as opposed to the way they fly it.

Q. Does it make the two under more respectful?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, it was a respectful score. 69 is never a bad score.

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