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July 10, 2008

Chris Riley


Q. Good playing today, five birdies, no bogeys, 13 one-putts. Tell me about it.
CHRIS RILEY: It was pretty much all putting today. I didn't really hit the ball that great, but I definitely worked on my putting Tuesday and Wednesday, and the hole looked like a bucket out there today. Even if they were for par or for birdies, they were going in from everywhere. It felt good.
It's a weird game. Last week at Tiger's event I hit it really great and then couldn't make a putt. Now this week I'm hitting it pretty bad and making everything. You know how it is; it's a weird game.

Q. But the fact that you're not making putts and you played well last week, now that you're making putts it's a lot easier to go out on the golf course in a better frame of mind when you're making putts?
CHRIS RILEY: Absolutely. I think that's the biggest part of the game is putting, for all the pros. When your putter feels like it's the best club in your bag, you're going to do some damage out here. There's a lot of golf left, and I know that, but I'm happy to get one under my belt.

Q. Being a fellow San Diegan and moving back, living near the airport, are you liking getting out of the heat in Vegas?
CHRIS RILEY: Oh, yeah, we're really enjoying San Diego with the wife and kids. Haven't got to play with you yet, but we'll get it done before long.

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