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July 9, 2008

Todd Hamilton


Q. Do you feel like you're making progress, making cuts this year and things are -- do you feel better about the shape of your game this year?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, the last month or so I've been playing quite well. My driving has been pretty good the whole year for the most part, but my iron game hasn't really matched up. Probably the last month, the irons have been coming around, and now my putting is not doing very well. This is a game where it's hard to get everything going at the same time.

Q. Good to be here as things are coming around for you, to come back to this area?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, it's nice, nice to see a lot of familiar faces. I enjoy the golf course. I'm hoping the weather cooperates. I know it's very hot here usually. Hopefully we can bypass some of the heat this year.

Q. Any little mental boost you get being back in western Illinois?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, a little bit. I was able to play golf with my father yesterday for the first time in probably a couple years, which was nice. It's always nice if you have a good score or a good hole, you hear a lot of -- a few more claps anyway.

Q. How is he doing?
TODD HAMILTON: Not too bad. He's doing all right. He had a good front nine, and then the Miller Lites kicked in and he struggled on the back.

Q. Where did you play?
TODD HAMILTON: We played at Spirit Hollow just outside of Burlington.

Q. What do you think of the flood relief program?
TODD HAMILTON: That the TOUR is doing?

Q. Yeah.
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, I think it's a great idea. We have a great spokesman. I think Zach Johnson is the spokesman for us on TOUR. Obviously the town where he's from got hit pretty hard. I was down near Gulfport, which is pretty close to where I grew up in Oquawka, and I didn't even think to drive to see it. I had to go down the Iowa side to get to Burlington, and I did see some small fields going down I think it was 61 south to Burlington, and I saw some small fields that were still pretty wet. I can't imagine what Gulfport and that area looks like.

Q. What do you feel you'll have to shoot to win the tournament this year?
TODD HAMILTON: I have no idea. I haven't seen the golf course. This is my practice round, so to speak, today in the Pro-Am. I have no idea how the course is playing. Usually the scores are pretty low, 15- to 20-under maybe, if the weather cooperates.

Q. Has it been a process getting your game back, kind of an incremental year by year?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, it's been kind of like a crossword puzzle. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles. I've been trying to piece it together. Like I said, my driving has been good, my iron game wasn't great, my putting was okay. Now I feel like my irons are coming around. I hit a lot of great irons last week but didn't putt well. As I said earlier, it's hard to get everything going together for one round, let alone for four straight ones.

Q. Is it frustrating trying to get back to the success you've had?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, because I know that I can play better than what I have been doing. Recently it's been pretty good. I've seen some results. But I'd like to get back there where I'm in contention a little more and have a chance to win.

Q. What would it mean to you to win this tournament?
TODD HAMILTON: It would be great. We were asked a question, if you can take away all the majors, what is your "fifth major," and I know a lot of guys pick their hometown tournament. This one would be a great one for me, as would the one in Dallas. I live in the Dallas area now, so those two are probably considered my fifth major.

Q. Is there anything you like to do when you get back to the Quad Cities area?
TODD HAMILTON: Rudy's Tacos. I hit that the other day, big fan of that. I haven't hit Whitey's yet. The kids will be in town; they'll probably want to do that later on.

Q. Which Dallas tournament? There's two.
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, the Byron Nelson.

Q. Any similarities between this golf course and the D.A. redesign there?
TODD HAMILTON: No, I don't think so. The greens he redid in Dallas have got quite a bit of slope to them. These are a little calmer, a little nicer to the golfers.

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