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July 6, 2008

Dean Wilson


Q. Can you talk about playing here, regardless of the outcome, the last couple of days?
DEAN WILSON: Well, obviously one of the better courses that we play all year on TOUR. It's a great event, obviously having Tiger's involvement as a host is a big deal and the whole tie in with the military and armed services on the Fourth of July as special significance to just about everybody out here. You know, it's a great place, great place.

Q. Some of the reports about the difference when Tiger is here, certainly from last year to this year what is that like for you all as players?
DEAN WILSON: Quieter. It's a lot quieter. We see Tiger every week, so it's not a big deal to us. It's a big deal to you guys but we see Tiger every week he's out here. We're interacting with him and playing with him and that's all part of that. The only real difference is there are probably fewer fans and maybe a little bit less boisterous out there.

Q. Fred Funk made the point that in any sport across the board, people want to see the studs in the field, but there's still so much depth.
DEAN WILSON: Tiger has skewed that, though. Yeah, the fields are deep but Tiger has set himself so far above and ahead of everyone else that he's done what only a handful of guys historically have been able to do and he's doing it better than those handful of guys have been able to do it. It's a little bit of a unique situation. It's not like going to an NFL game with Brett Farve on one side and Peyton Manning on the other and one goes down and you still have the other one.
Take an imaginary situation that had Tiger never existed: Guys, the Phil Mickelsons and the Davis Loves and Ernie Els and the Sergios, they would have stepped up and they would have been the players of their era.
You know, aside from Phil when he had his run or Ernie when he had his run earlier, nobody has really taken a handle on the best player at that time. Tiger for ten years has essentially been the best players on the planet and is rewriting the record books. He sets the bar differently than other sports.

Q. What was your impression about Anthony Kim's game?
DEAN WILSON: Anthony's got such a good-looking swing. He hits the ball solidly all the time and hits it hard. He's excited about playing. He plays hard. He wants to be in the limelight. He craves that, as a matter of fact. He's got exceptional skills and I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this kid, he's got real talent.

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