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July 6, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. Solid Sunday. You have to be pleased.
JIM FURYK: I am. I had a good week and no bogeys on the weekend, but wish I had made a few more birdies, 67 and 66, felt like I had myself in the hunt on the back nine and hit some good shots that didn't go in but didn't hit some irons as crisp as I would have like. I finished up well. I'm a little disappointed I didn't make a little better run at it but turnaround and shoot 66 at Congressional, it's a good round.

Q. You changed putters not too long ago. Seems to be working well?
JIM FURYK: It's working okay. It's working okay. If it was working well, I'd have scared Anthony maybe more than I did. I changed that putter last week at Flint. Didn't play all that great last week. But really wasn't the putter's fault, and I'm prone -- if I'm not playing well or not real happy with my putting, I have no problem at all switching putters and sometimes when I get comfortable with something, I'll stick with it for a long time.

Q. Heading to the British Open, what's the feeling?
JIM FURYK: I feel better about my game. You know, I work on flighting the ball a little bit. It was kind of this -- there's no wind here, so I won't say it's good practice, but the greens were soft and you had to flight some of your short irons and keep the ball down and take spin off of it to make sure the ball doesn't zip back on these greens in a few spots so, that was maybe some good practice.
I like the way my game is going. I might tinker with some equipment to get ready for the British and hit some different shots, but I'm looking forward to. Played well at Birkdale in '98 and hoping I can do it again.

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