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July 6, 2008

Dean Wilson


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Dean Wilson for joining us here in the media center. Good, solid week, good play on the weekend, and another Top-10 finish. Just talk about you seem to be playing better every week.
DEAN WILSON: Sometimes I sneak up there and play good every couple of weeks. Missed the cut the last two weeks but played good at Memphis. Guess that's the way to do it.

Q. How much were you watching the leaderboard coming down, and was there ever a point where Anthony was uncatchable?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I felt he was uncatchable after 17. You know, he missed the green there on the right, and it could have been an easy bogey but he chipped it up to a couple of inches and tapped that in.
I was hoping, I missed the green there, too, but I had a nicer lie. I was trying to chip that sucker in and see if I could get a little bit closer, but you know, he was playing solid all day and didn't make too many mistakes, and if he did he recovered real nicely.

Q. Secondly, when you come to 18, what kind of lie did you have there in the rough?
DEAN WILSON: Marginal. I mean, it wasn't that bad. I could hit it but it was sitting down a little bit so I was just trying to chase it up center of the green there. But it was sitting down deep enough where it caught the nozzle and moved a little bit left. I'm not trying to just keep it right there because you have the bunkers and I don't want to have a 50-yard bunker shot either. Trying to pick my shot and get it up the guts there and luckily it didn't sneak in the water.

Q. How aware were you going into this week of the chance for the British Open; did you think about that at all on the back nine?
DEAN WILSON: No, I don't even know how it stands for me.

Q. Did you know about the spots that were open though in terms of Money List and top finish?
DEAN WILSON: No, I didn't even realize it. There's just so many things to keep track of. You know, it was funny yesterday I was playing with Freddie Couples and he was asking me if I was in the PGA Championship. And I said, I don't even know. I don't know where I stand on The Ryder Cup list. I know it's way down there. There's just so many things to keep track of and I'm just trying to keep track of this tournament.

Q. Did Freddie know?
DEAN WILSON: Freddie knew where he stood, and I knew I was ahead of him, so I think I'm okay. (Laughter).
So what is the British Open, can you tell me?

Q. Well, there's a Money List --
DEAN WILSON: So you don't even know and you're asking me.

Q. It looks like the top finisher and Top-5 if the next two weeks, so Fredrik looks like he'll be runner-up.
DEAN WILSON: See, there's so many things to keep track of, there's no way. I'm not that smart. And looking at that shirt, I can't concentrate, either. (Laughter).

Q. Let just get right to the bogeys then. What was it like in the midst? It looked like there were some times where Tom and Tommy were in good shape and things changed quickly, Freddie was nowhere and then he was right back in the picture.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I wasn't watching the leaderboard to tell you the truth, to see where everyone was at, because obviously I knew where the leader was. And so you just -- there's nothing I can do. He had me by two or three shots all day, and so I'm just focused on trying to make birdies, and that's it. I wasn't worried about second place, third place or wherever. I'm just trying to catch that guy and couldn't do it.

Q. What do you think of his game?
DEAN WILSON: Awesome. You know, first time I played with him. He has all the tools. He hits it a long ways. He has a great short game. He's very accurate. For a guy that hits it that far, he really hits it straight. He never does anything out of control. Doesn't hit too many crooked shots. Very confident, very aggressive the way he plays. He's always shooting at the pins and it's pretty good.

Q. First time playing with him today?
DEAN WILSON: No, I played with him before. And so you could see it, even when he didn't play well, when I played with him, you could tell, he's got the talent there.

Q. When do you think we'll see him win a major?
DEAN WILSON: Who knows? He definitely has the game. I don't think anybody would doubt that. So sure, why not? Those are tough tournaments to win. You have to perform better well. He'll win a lot of tournaments. Who knows if he'll win majors; I don't see why not.

Q. With Tiger out, we're asking a lot of people what comes next, and it seems like the amount of options out there are confusing even for the players. You've just spoken to that. What do you think we could expect to see?
DEAN WILSON: What do you mean?

Q. Well, Tiger not playing, we've got a whole different group of people to look to for The Ryder Cup, different group of people to look to for the major championships.
DEAN WILSON: Well, by my calculations, Tiger only plays four or five TOUR events a year versus the 30-something I play. So I'm playing 30 events without him. So if he's going to miss the four that I play, it's no skin off of my back really. We miss him, everybody loves him and he's a great player obviously and he wins, whatever, 75 percent of the time he tees it up it seems. But there's a lot of good golfers out there, and having a healthy body is part of the game.
You know, if something gave out on him and he needs to have that repaired, that's just the way it goes. He's going to be back and play well when he gets back. But it's hard for me to say because like I said, I play at least 30 events a year without him. And so you guys see him more than I do. Even when he's here, I never see him.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Can we go through your card just real quick, bogey on 2.
DEAN WILSON: Bogey on 2, I hit in the middle of the green and 3-putted from about 40, 50 feet.
7, I almost holed a 6-iron there. I guess it came pretty close and I hit it to about under a foot and tapped that in.
8, I hit a nice sand wedge in there to three or four feet and made that.
No. 9, I wedged it to about 15, 20 feet and made a nice putt there.
JOAN vT ALEXANDER: And then the last one there on 15.
DEAN WILSON: 15, I hit a 9-iron to about four feet and made that. So, you know, got me to within two with a few to go.

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