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July 5, 2008

Laura Robson


L. ROBSON/N. Lertcheewakan
6-3, 3-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: First question for the girls champion, please.

Q. At the end of the match it looked like you didn't know what to do. What were you feeling?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I hadn't really thought about what I was going to do if I won, because it was so unexpected.
But my brother was telling me, you know, drop to your knees, like start dancing, do something. But it was just on the spot and then I couldn't think of anything to do (smiling).

Q. Were you a bit worried when you dropped the second set, that you might not be able to push through it?
LAURA ROBSON: I think I lost the second set because I started getting annoyed with myself. So I sat down after the second set and I thought, Well, if I want to win this, then I've got to change my attitude.

Q. What can you remember about the actual moment of victory? Who did you look up to? Your mum?
LAURA ROBSON: My coach and then my mum and then to the other side and looked at Carl Maes, Roger Draper, and the whole LTA crew.

Q. If someone had told you before this tournament started when you were still playing at Roehampton that you'd go and win junior Wimbledon, what would you have said?
LAURA ROBSON: I would have told them that they were being stupid.

Q. Why is that? Just because it wasn't something that was in your thoughts?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah. I mean, you kind of dream about it, and then you never really expect it to happen, so I'm still in a bit of a shock state.

Q. Time to decide who you'll take to the dinner in Marat's absence?
LAURA ROBSON: He sent me a letter. I've memorized it. It says, Sorry I can't come to the ball, but good luck for your final tomorrow. Then he signed it. It was really nice.
I'm not sure who I'm going to take now that he's out of the picture. A bit disappointing actually.

Q. What are your options?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I don't know. Just, yeah, anyone that will go with me (laughter).

Q. How easy was it to ignore the fact you're on the front page of national newspapers and you had to concentrate on a rather important final?
LAURA ROBSON: I saw the front cover of the Times today, and I have to say that was a pretty shocking picture. Yeah, you try to ignore it and then, yeah, just focus on your match really.

Q. You talk about ignoring things. Can you ignore the fact that suddenly you're being put up as the big face of optimism of British women's tennis after so many years of being in a dark tunnel?
LAURA ROBSON: I wouldn't call it a dark tunnel really, though, 'cause Anne Keothavong, Elena, they both got to the second round this year and they've all improved their rankings a lot, so I wouldn't call it in a dark tunnel.

Q. How about being, you know, you are the new face, you are the optimistic future?
LAURA ROBSON: That's nice. Uhm, yeah, I try not to really think about it that much, and then I'll try keep getting good results really.

Q. What was it like to play on a show court after probably playing most of your tennis without more than three people and a dog watching?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, well, this morning there were quite a few people watching my practice. So there was about a hundred there.
I was thinking, you know, I usually don't get this many people watching my matches, let alone practice.
But going onto Court 1 today, I was shaking because I saw the match before me and I saw how many people were on there. Then I had really, really good support, though.

Q. Apart from being born in Melbourne, do you feel much of an Australian connection?
LAURA ROBSON: No (laughter).

Q. Go away. She's ours.
LAURA ROBSON: No (smiling).

Q. What have you discovered about yourself in this week which has surprised you?
LAURA ROBSON: Nothing really new. I mean, it's weird seeing yourself on the front page of every newspaper, and seeing yourself on TV as well making quite stupid comments.
But, yeah, I mean, nothing really new.

Q. What is your schedule from here? Where have you got plans to play after this?
LAURA ROBSON: I'm gonna try to get back on the clay and then play a couple money tournaments, and then also I have World Team Championships coming up in August.

Q. Where are those next venues?
LAURA ROBSON: The money tournaments are in Holland, and then World Teams is in Czech.

Q. And US Open juniors is not on the schedule?

Q. Why?
LAURA ROBSON: Because of the tournament restriction for the age. Then if I wanted to play Australian Open and its lead-up tournaments, then I wouldn't be able to play U.S.

Q. What do you most want to improve about your game? How dissatisfied are you with where you are? How much do you want to improve?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, you can never really stop improving, so I think I'm just gonna keep practicing the way I have and then I will keep improving.

Q. What are you doing tomorrow?
LAURA ROBSON: Getting ready for the ball. And then they haven't really spoken to me yet, but apparently I get put in the room with a rack full of dresses and then I just get to pick one.

Q. Where?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't know yet. They haven't really told me, but this is what I've heard from people that have run it in the past.

Q. How comfortable are you now capturing the main title next year?
LAURA ROBSON: I wouldn't say all that confident. But, yeah, one or two rounds would be nice.

Q. What are you going to do to celebrate tonight?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't know yet actually. I've still got the presentation later on Centre Court, and then I think I'll get home from that quite late.
I don't know, just family dinner really. Nothing too special, because tomorrow night's the special night.

Q. Your mum said she might be going to Pizza Hut and wondered whether you cared to join her there.
LAURA ROBSON: Who said that?

Q. Your mum.
LAURA ROBSON: We haven't been to Pizza Hut in like years. That's like a big occasion.

Q. Exactly. Live the moment. Who are the people that will help you keep your feet on the ground and get you back to earth after all this?

Q. Yes. Friends teasing you, your brother. Who is going to keep your feet on the ground?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I was a bit disappointed really, because today my brother didn't wink at the cameras like he did before. So it was pretty disappointing.
But, yeah, I'm gonna go back to training next week and then the same old.

Q. Do you have time to keep your schoolwork in order?
LAURA ROBSON: Yes, definitely. My mum says there's always room for that, so...

Q. How much of the week? Do you set aside so much of the day for school?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, about three or four hours a day.

Q. That's all at home? You're homeschooled?
LAURA ROBSON: It's not usually at home. I usually do it at the national center because that's easier, but sometimes at home.

Q. What did Anne Jones say to you when she gave you the trophy? Have you managed to get any messages from your friends?
LAURA ROBSON: I haven't looked at my phone since just after the match. But just at the match I had about 20 messages, so I'm sure I'll have quite a few more now as well.

Q. And Ann Jones, what did she say?
LAURA ROBSON: She just said, Congratulations. You played really well. I didn't really talk to her that much. I was a bit overwhelmed.

Q. You live literally around the corner from here. Obviously you go past the All England Club most days, if you like. Have you ever looked up and thought what might be?
LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, no, not really. I mean, seeing as for next year, if I do get a wild card, that should be an amazing experience, as well, coming from this year and how I've just won juniors.
But you dream about that really, don't you?

Q. You're obviously very hot property. Do you assume now the money men may come in and make you rich? I'm not suggesting you're the female Tiger Woods, but that may be on the horizon. We're looking for a new champion, aren't we?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, I don't deal with money, so...

Q. How much pocket money do you get each week?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't get any, unfortunately.

Q. What did you think of using Hawk-Eye for the first time?
LAURA ROBSON: When the people told us that we were allowed to use it, I was so pumped 'cause I was actually gonna challenge like the first ball of the match even if it was 10 feet out (smiling).
But, yeah, I thought that wouldn't be very good. But I used it twice, so I'm happy with it.

Q. And you were right one time.
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah. It's so entertaining. And my brother was so pleased that I got one right.

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