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July 5, 2008

Angela Park


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Angela, thanks for coming in and joining us today. Great round out there. A career low 10-under Par 62. You're tied for the lead in the clubhouse, and you also now own the tournament record for low round. Can you just kind of talk about what was going right for you out there today and the feelings?
ANGELA PARK: Obviously, everything went right today. Just one hole hiccup there. But I've been hitting the ball great and coming into this week I've been putting very well, which was always my struggle in my game. So I took a lot of confidence from the finish last week, and I'm feeling good.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Let's go over the lengthy scorecard here starting with your birdie on the first hole.
ANGELA PARK: I had about 68 yards and hit my lob wedge to about three feet.
Number 4, I had 126 yards, 9-iron to 20 feet.
And, 5, 9-iron to about 15 feet, 126 yards.
7, I had a chip, like 30-yard chip, with my lob wedge for about two inches.
10, 9-iron from 115 years to about six feet.
11, 8-iron from about 130 yards to about ten feet.
13, I got up and down, made like a (inaudible) for birdie.
15, 135 yards, 8-iron from about three feet.
16, 120 yards, pitching wedge to about ten feet.
17, 162 yards, 6-iron to about three feet.
18, 115 yards, pitching wedge to about 20 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can you go over the bogey on 12?
ANGELA PARK: I just didn't get up and down. I hit it in the fairway, hit it long right and two-putted.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How far was the putt?
ANGELA PARK: About eight feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Questions for Angela?

Q. Angela, I know this is a career low for you. When was the last time you can kind of remember playing like this? Is there a time you can kind of remember a round similar to this?
ANGELA PARK: Last year at I think it was Navistar I shot 9-under.
Everything just went the way I wanted, and I had nothing on my mind. I was just one shot at a time like every golf mentor will tell you, and I was able to do that.

Q. I guess I should ask, you know, 10-under today, you are even par after your round yesterday. What happened yesterday?
ANGELA PARK: I don't know. I just didn't hit it close enough yesterday. I was putting really well. I had -- all the birdie opportunities that I had, I made. So it was just a matter of getting the ball closer today.

Q. When you started your round Kristy was already -- she had a pretty low score. Talk about going back and forth with her especially later in the round. You had the putt on 18, just how much fun was that?
ANGELA PARK: That was a lot of fun. Kristy is a great gal. Always enjoy playing with her. Was actually my first time. But she had a great round yesterday, and I tried to learn something from her. She was really calm out there even though she was making five billion birdies in a row. So I tried to learn from her, and I take that as an advantage.

Q. How have you felt -- the rain the course has taken over the last two days, how's that changed the conditions of the course especially the greens? Kristy talked about it being a ball striker's course going right at the pin. How have you felt about it?
ANGELA PARK: It makes the course definitely a little bit easier because obviously you could go at the pins and you can be more aggressive. Like she said, it's going to be a ball striker's course. But you always have to make putts.

Q. How hard was it to play 23 holes today? Is that a good thing, a bad thing?
ANGELA PARK: I'm glad that it's over. (Laughter.) I was really tired out there especially because it's starting to get really hot. It was a long day but I'm glad it's over.

Q. It was hot, it was tired, you were looking to get done, but you really turned it on the back nine. Is there something about being tired, being hot that makes you kind of focus in, zone in any more?
ANGELA PARK: My caddie tells me that every time I say, God, I'm tired, I play well. But I don't think that's true. But I don't know I guess everything seems to be more calm and I'm not so rushed, which I tend to get when I start not performing as well as I expect myself to. I rush a little bit. Where today I just took my time on everything.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Any more questions for Angela? You're probably pretty exhausted so best of luck.
ANGELA PARK: Thank you.

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