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July 5, 2008

Jeff Overton


Q. Are you worn out?
JEFF OVERTON: No, it was fun, definitely challenging out there and at the same time maybe let my nerves maybe get in the way here and there and missed a couple of putts and came up out of them.
Other than that, learned a little bit of stuff and two out there and take what you learn and ride that wave more.

Q. So you were nervous at times?
JEFF OVERTON: I think everybody gets nervous. If you don't get a little nervous or jacked up somewhere, you're not human. But you know, it was fun out there. I had it right there in the palm of my hand and just didn't quite squeeze it. So we'll go get them tomorrow.
I was really hoping I would guess the last one after hitting the driver right down there. I was in-between clubs a lot today and had to muscle up with a lob-wedge and as soft as the greens are, the thing is going to come sucking back. You don't want to hit a gap wedge in there because you don't know how much if they will stop, so you're just trying to hit a little easy shot.

Q. Your thought on 17, pulling out the big driver?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, hitting the driver well all day and it's 320 with wind to get down there, and even it's straight downhill the last 30, 40 yards of it; so just said go ahead and hit driver and have a wedge to the back pin. It was a fun shot.

Q. What about tomorrow, you're right there even with a 71.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, just got to go keep doing what we're doing and make a few more putts. A few more putts roll in and we'll be right there.
You know, it was a tough day for me today but I felt really good and hit a lot of good shots, like I said and just a couple putts that probably should have made but still right back in it. It's good making those birdies at the end, so with a low round tomorrow, have half a chance.

Q. Do you feel battling through is really going to help you tomorrow?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, it's nice to add a little confidence especially bombing that driver on 17. That was kind of fun, hit it all the way down there to the bottom. I was shocked my caddie was like, yeah, let's do it, because he's always telling me not to hit my driver. We were hitting it so good today, and it was downwind, probably 320, and you can just roll it down the downslope, so might as well do it and try and get back in it. It was fun.

Q. You hit every fairway on the front nine.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I missed a couple putts. Like 8, I hit it four feet below the hole and missed that and 3-putted No. 5 or 6. Had a couple other bad putts.
You're going to have that and you can't make every putt. You've just got to hang in there and the little short one I missed on 8 was frustrating, because felt if I could have made that, I could have had a little separation and felt a little more comfortable and maybe put more pressure on the rest of the field.
But you know, at the end of the day, it was good that we came back there and right there in it for tomorrow.
Just trying to push that putt on 18, but otherwise, it was fun.

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