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July 4, 2008

Steve Marino


Q. Being the local guy from Fairfax, how important is it to you to play well here at Congressional?
STEVE MARINO: It's pretty important of the last year I played and I didn't play so hot and I missed the cut. So I'm already 1-up on last year, and sitting at 5-under, I'm feeling pretty good about going into the weekend.

Q. You could have actually built on what you had from yesterday but you held it pretty steady today. Talk about today's round, and just the ebb and flow.
STEVE MARINO: I was a little shaky in the beginning off the tee. I hit it in the rough a bunch on my first nine holes and you know just didn't hit it quite as good as yesterday and didn't give myself a bunch of real close birdie opportunities.
So you know, I know I lost some ground but it's not so bad.

Q. How does this course differ now from the course that you played growing up here, and what do you know that maybe somebody else doesn't out here?
STEVE MARINO: Well, to be honest with you, I only played here once or twice growing up so I didn't play out here that much.
The only thing that I remember about playing growing up is that it seemed like it was a lot harder than it is now. Obviously I'm hitting the ball a lot further and I'm a much better player but I played here when I was like 14 and shot like 87 and thought it was the hardest course I ever played in my life.
I definitely improved since then.

Q. You've been very close, you've had a lot of top 5s and a lot of good experience being in contention on the PGA TOUR. What's it mean especially being here; what's it going to take for you these next two days to get on the winning column?
STEVE MARINO: It's going to take a lot of patience and just thinking positively and just staying in the present and not trying to get too ahead of myself. I mean, obviously, this is probably the tournament that I'd like to win more than any other, but I just have to approach it like any other day of golf.

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