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July 4, 2008

Stacy Lewis


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Stacy, thanks for coming in and joining us today. Great round out there. Just one bogey to your four birdies. And you're in a great position at 3-under par. Can you talk about your day and finally getting started after the weather delay?
STACY LEWIS: Well, with the weather, I got off to a great start. Birdied three of the first four. And then from there, I don't know, I just didn't really hit the ball as well as I would have liked today. I had to scramble quite a bit to make some pars.
But, overall, just the way I hit the ball, I'm pretty happy with the day and I'm glad we got it in.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Let's go over your scorecard starting with your birdie on the first hole. Just your approach shot and how far.
STACY LEWIS: I had about seven yards into 1 and hit a 60-degree wedge to about, I think it was about five feet. Made that for birdie.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Birdie on 3.
STACY LEWIS: Hit a 7-iron. I don't know the yardage. I was trying to go left of the flag and pushed it.
STACY LEWIS: About 10 feet. And then 4, I hit a 8-iron to about 12 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: What happened on the bogey on 7, can you walk us through that?
STACY LEWIS: I hit a good drive. I was planning to lay up off the tee. I hit a really bad second shot to the right of the cart path. I was on an awkward lie. I hit it up by the green, which is not too bad. Then chip shot. Didn't come out like I wanted it to and missed the putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How far was the putt?
STACY LEWIS: Probably 15, 16 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Okay. Then birdie on 13.
STACY LEWIS: 13, I hit 3-wood. I was about 220 to the flag. I think it hit about the middle and went over the back, which was actually where I wanted to be, and made probably a 10-footer there for birdie.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Questions for Stacy.

Q. Birdie on three of the first four holes, how good did you feel at that point? Did you have visions of shooting real low, or do you just try not to get ahead of yourself too much?
STACY LEWIS: I tried not to get ahead of myself. I mean, I hadn't hit that great of golf. I was just making putts, I was trying to stay kind of even and trying to work on my swing a little bit to hit some better golf shots.
But it's a great way to start. I was actually kind of surprised with having to wait around all day. Usually you come out kind of flat. But it was a good surprise.

Q. You had kind of a short birdie putt, I think, on 6. If you had that you would have gone 4-under. Do you think it was a putt that took away your momentum and things got away from you a little bit right there?
STACY LEWIS: I don't think so. I don't know. You're going to make some, you're going to miss some. And it wasn't -- I think it was more the second shot on 7 than anything that kind of got things going the wrong way.
But I made some really great pars. So it's kind of hard to be upset about it.

Q. How much did you notice the crowd? How much did you kind of notice the gallery, and did you draw from that at all?
STACY LEWIS: I did. I mean the people, they noticed the crowd a lot. It was great to have them there. But I don't know, it's fun to have that many people supporting you. It was kind of hectic a little bit trying to get to the tees and things. But other than that it was fun.

Q. This morning, obviously, was probably frustrating. Talk a little bit about what that was like sitting around the clubhouse, waiting to get out there. Were you anxious? What do you feel like in situations like that?
STACY LEWIS: When I got here, there was no power. And the golf course was flooded. So it's kind of -- I knew it was going to be a long day at that point. And then I saw the golf course.
And I was just hoping that we were going to get out today. So I mean it's not -- I don't know, I took a couple of naps when I was sitting there. I would have liked to have known like at 8:00, hey, we're not going to go until 12:00, but they kept giving us an hour, an hour, you had to stick around, which is hard to sit here and do nothing.

Q. But as a golfer, is that something that you just have to learn to deal with? Does it ever get easy? Is that just part of it?
STACY LEWIS: I think it's just part of the game. We're outside. I mean you can't control the weather. And I guess you just have to learn to be patient with it, really.

Q. Being in the first group today, what was the condition of the course when you teed off and how did it change as the sun came out and started to warm up?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, the first couple of holes it was pretty wet. But I was actually surprised. I thought it would be worse than it was.
But, definitely, the first few holes, I think the wet, the greens so wet definitely helped me. And as the day went on didn't get really a whole lot more roll or anything. You could tell the greens were faster as the day went on. But it's still pretty soft out there.

Q. Does it feel any better than the last time you were in that chair just because the tournament is going to continue, looks like?
STACY LEWIS: I don't even know when I'm playing next. But definitely I would like to shoot a better score. But I feel like I'm in a good position going into the next couple days, and I just hope we get all the rounds in.

Q. What time did you get here this morning exactly?
STACY LEWIS: It was a little after 6:00. It was probably about five after 6:00.

Q. You mentioned also recognizing the crowd was there, sometimes walking from hole to hole. But were there any, I guess, other specific moments when you were out there that they'd catch your eye or your ear?
STACY LEWIS: No, I mean the first couple of holes I honestly didn't expect that many people to be out there. I guess when I was making those putts early on I definitely noticed the crowd.
The first tee was awesome. It was so loud out there. And it was pretty cool.

Q. You mentioned your swing was off a little bit. Is there anything you can point to in particular as far as were you doing the same thing? Were you messing up in different ways? What kind of thing can you pinpoint really what was off with the swing?
STACY LEWIS: I don't really know. I'm going to go work on it. Everything was kind of high and right. So I was having a little trouble staying in the shot. But I think it's something I can go work on and fix for tomorrow.

Q. We were asking your dad after your round, he said on Monday and Tuesday it was pretty stressful for you but then as the week went along you were less stressed out. Was it easy to go out there today and play after the week, the chaos of us asking questions?
STACY LEWIS: The first few days I was here, so many people wanted to say congratulations. And I love that, but I guess I just didn't expect that many people. And it's nice to finally just go out on the golf course. I mean that's what I'm here to do. That's where I'm most comfortable, on the golf course than I am sitting here.

Q. I guess you had a bodyguard follow your group around all day. What was that like? Was that weird for you?
STACY LEWIS: We actually had one in the Open the last day. So kind of gotten used to that. But it's definitely good. It's a definite comfort to have. Just with so many people out there, you never know sometimes.

Q. Talk about your shot on No. 8 from underneath the tree. You just came off the bogey and then you missed the putt on 6. Seemed like a spot where your round could have gone south. That was nice recovery shot, got you back on track.
STACY LEWIS: The entire hole, the par there was a great par. And second shot, I think I was like just over 150 yards. Just needed to keep it under the tree. I was trying to get it up somewhere around on the green, get it up-and-down. Got it up there in a pretty good place.
I knew the chip shot was actually a little back uphill, some people might think it's down. So need to be pretty aggressive with it. And just a great par. Nothing, just kept my round going.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thank you for your time today.

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