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July 4, 2008

Rod Pampling


Q. How was the course today?
ROD PAMPLING: Today the greens were a lot softer. We obviously had that rain this morning, so it was difficult to get it close to some of the pins. A lot of times we had short irons and you really had to be careful not to spin it too much.
On the whole, there was a slight wind difference in direction, but that was the only big one was the greens were that touch softer.

Q. Did you feel coming out today, what was your target score?
ROD PAMPLING: I don't put a target down, but it just depends on how you play, and I really played well today. I missed a bunch of putts. I made one putt today over ten foot and that was really it. That putt was disappointing and still I hit it really well. That stands well for the weekend.

Q. 13 pars, is this the kind of course where you want to make a lot of pars and birdies where you can?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, it's a demanding golf course and the less bogeys you made the better.

Q. Fred Funk made some comments about the par 4 --
ROD PAMPLING: It was played up a little bit. Obviously it's long and a very demanding hole. It's one of those that as a par 5, it's a great par 5. But today fortunate enough, I hit a really good shot and I had 6-iron in.
Yeah, it's a difficult hole and it's very long, but with the wind direction, it's okay. It goes back into us, it will be a different story.
It's definitely a long hole but from my point of view it's a fantastic five with the tee back but it's a 4, so that's the way we play it.

Q. What do you think the USGA will do with it for the U.S. Open?
ROD PAMPLING: Well, there's a tee way back there, so hopefully it will be a five and not a four from way back there.
Any time there's water that's around a green and it's a long hole, I think it's better to keep it as a five because guys are going to have a crack at a 3-wood or the longer guys with a 2-iron or something. Just brings a lot more risk involved, and I think the greens set up to be a par 5 green as well.

Q. What do you have to do tomorrow and Sunday?
ROD PAMPLING: Obviously birdies and no bogeys. You just have to try and do the best you can and hope the leaders don't keep going away. Obviously there's still a lot of golf left today. It's a good position. Any time you're under par here, and if we don't get anymore rain, that's when the golf course really steps up when it gets firm. That's when it it's extremely difficult and you have to control your ball. We've been hitting really good distances so I'm kind of hoping it dries up a little bit.

Q. I know you're Australian but any Fourth of July memories?
ROD PAMPLING: Just a whole lot of fireworks. It's spectacular at whatever vantage point you can get watching the fireworks. It's awesome to watch and hopefully everyone has a great day.

Q. Does it mean more being at the nation's capitol?
ROD PAMPLING: Obviously it means a little bit more being right here but unfortunately the family is not with me so they are back home, so hi to them back there. Still it's going to be a good night.

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