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July 3, 2008

Jie Zheng


6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please, for Zheng Jie.

Q. Considering Serena is almost untouchable on grass, you played a good game, a good second set. This year you have reached your personal standard, and the Asian one as well. What will you remember most about 2008 Wimbledon?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) There are lots of people in the Centre Court supported me.

Q. Was there a point at times in the second set when you felt there was a possibility you could turn the match and win?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I thought so when I had set point in the second set. Probably I was thinking too much about it, then I didn't get the chance. I lost the set point.

Q. You hit a lot more winners and forcing shots with your backhand than your forehand. Are you aware that your backhand is a much stronger shot?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I've always been aware that my backhand is stronger than my forehand. But during today's match, actually I've been winning more points than Serena did in the deadline battle (sic).
However, her serve was simply too big.

Q. We've been reading about the incredible number of people watching you on TV back home. We heard 100 million for the last round. How do you deal with knowing that so many people are watching you and hoping you're gonna win?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I knew there were millions and millions of people watching me back home. I did really wanted to win. But overall I'm quite satisfied with the performance I had today.
But her serve was too big to me, especially on the grass court. But if on other courts, probably I would have had a better chance. Even on the second set I might have the chance to win it.

Q. When you now go back to China for the Olympics, do you expect to be treated like a hero?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I don't know if they will treat me like a hero or not. But I will use this experience from Wimbledon to have a better expectation in Olympics to have better achievement.

Q. Have any dignitaries from China called you to congratulate you, anyone important in the government?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) Yes.

Q. Who is that?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I don't know the name, but I'm sure people from Sichuan provincial government would have congratulated me, as well as from other provincial governments.
They have already telephoned to the tennis association to congratulate me. I thank very much to them.

Q. For somebody not so tall, you stand in really quite close and take a very early ball. Is this spontaneous or is it something you have been coached into doing tactically?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I learned from my first set and I adjusted my strategy and way of play in the second set because she was quite aggressive and I want to accelerate my pace as well and to hit ball more flat and give her more pressure on the playing.

Q. Who is your most frequent practice partner? Here at Wimbledon, who have you been practicing with the most?
JIE ZHENG: (In English.) My husband. He's gives me the warmup every time. I really thanks for him. Is good hitting partner. Maybe he need more practice serve, like the serving (laughter). I hope so. Sure be next time I return is much better.

Q. Does that lead to tensions on the court sometimes between you, playing against him as well?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) Sometimes.

Q. Who wins?
JIE ZHENG: (In English.) I feel I win lot, but he is much better for me.

Q. We have seen a lot of attention on the glamorous lifestyle that Ana and Maria and some of the other girls have adopted. Some of that is going to come your way if you want it to. How do you feel about that?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) The Chinese players' lifestyle are not as glamorous as the players from other countries. Apart from training or time spent more in shopping than the others were not that much.

Q. What are your thoughts on the final?
JIE ZHENG: (In English.) Is from same family. I don't know. I feel maybe that Serena is the more chance to win, but I think it's a great final. It's because he's practice to together, he understand. I hope I can watch the final here.

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