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July 3, 2008

Arnaud Clement


6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-7, 8-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Arnaud Clément.

Q. Touch match for you, but you must have appreciated the experience: five hours plus, pretty good crowd support.
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: Interesting question. It was a fantastic match today. But when you are so close to win the match, quarterfinal in a Grand Slam, you have a match point, you have a chance on this match point, and you finally lost the match, when you're just out of the court 15 minutes, it's tough to say.
Yeah, it's a fantastic moment today. It's just a little bit hard for the moment.

Q. What were you feeling as you walked off, waved to the crowd?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: I don't know. I just think I have just nothing in my head for few minutes.

Q. Tell me about what happened when the rain started falling for the final time.
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: When the rain start, they put the plastic on the court, and we went to the locker room (smiling).
No, nothing special. It wasn't Wimbledon for the 10 first days. We didn't have rain delay, so we had two today. You know, it's a little bit special when it's 6-All, 40-All. It's okay, nothing special about that.

Q. Rainer seemed to think you played two points too long.
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: I don't think so. Maybe; maybe not. It's very tough to say exactly when we have to stop.

Q. Did you ever have an experience like saving six set points consecutively in the tiebreak?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: And made a double-fault at 6-All. Never (smiling).

Q. Do you think Rainer has much of a chance against Rafael Nadal tomorrow?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: I really, really don't care now about the chance of Rainer tomorrow. It's a good guy. It's a very good player. He played a very good match today against me.
But I don't know if he have one chance or if he have a lot. I just lost. About the match of tomorrow, I really, really don't care.

Q. You guys normally exchange pleasantries at the net after every game. After a game like that, is there a special word between you because you played such a long match?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: I think we have a lot of -- there is a lot of respect between us. I just said, Very good match, Rainer, and good luck.
But it's not about the words. It's just in the eyes, the respect. You can see it in the eyes. In a few words, it's tough. Maybe we can talk about this in a few weeks. But just after the match, we cannot stay 15 minutes on the court, Yeah, good first set.
No, we have a lot of respect. Honestly, I'm happy for him, because it's a very good guy. And that's it.

Q. If you could change one thing, take one thing back, turn it out differently, besides the match point?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: Just the match point. I had the chance to hit the ball a little bit quickly, a little bit faster, and I didn't. I didn't. He took his chance and he did a winner, so just the second shot on this point.

Q. In the final rain break, did what happen to you against Santoro come into your mind?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No. It was completely different. It was at 5-All. It was because of the night. It's just 45 minutes or one hour. It's completely different when you have all night to think about. No.

Q. Do you just feel completely drained and emotionally gone at the moment?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No, no, not really. Not really. Physically it was tough today. Mentally, too. But, no, I'm not.

Q. Have you got a special plan for the semifinal, special plan in your approach?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No. I was just focused on my match today. Maybe if I did this match point I can think about the match of tomorrow. But I'm not playing tomorrow, so it's not really interesting.

Q. Do you always wear your glasses?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No. I have a little prescription, so I'm playing with when I can during the match. No, I'm not practicing with it.

Q. On a day like today, there were a lot of people taking their glasses on and off, getting cloud and sun. Is that ever troubling for you with the glasses?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No, not really. I think it's just better for me to play with my prescriptions is all.

Q. Why those instead of contacts?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: I never tried so I don't know.

Q. Pretty close to being the longest Wimbledon match ever. Do you think that will mean something to you in time to come?
ARNAUD CLÉMENT: No, I never -- no. It was the longest match against Santoro in Paris. I lost it, more than six hours. When you lost a match like this, you really don't care about, Yeah, it's the longest match ever.
It's not an interesting record. The record of Federer is a little bit more interesting.

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