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July 3, 2008

Jeff Overton


Q. (Did you see a good round coming)?
JEFF OVERTON: I've been working hard on the game, and just been really working on my timing at the top of my swing, and you know, I've been struggling with my driver and 3-wood all year just getting the ball off the tee and it just came around Monday and just been kind of just keeping it up I guess. So it's been fun.

Q. Is it surprising that it came around Monday?
JEFF OVERTON: I mean, this game is just like that. You tee off one day and you're 9-under and you play the next day and you shoot 5-over and you're just like, what do you do.
I mean, you just never know when it's going to come around. All you can do is just work and continue to work at your game and just try to make your golf swing better and better.
You know, eventually one day it's going to catch up and all of the breaks are going to go your way one week. Just try to hang tough and not lose too much confidence.

Q. So this is the most confidence you've felt in how long?
JEFF OVERTON: Probably eight or nine months. It was really probably since Greensboro last year. Been fighting and today it was good. It could mess up tomorrow, you never know.
But I'm playing real solid and out here, it just a matter of getting the ball in play, especially keeping it in the fairways with the greens kind of firming up. Even if you're hitting 8-iron and 7-irons in there and hitting 2-iron instead of whatever, you have to keep the ball in the fairway because if you hit the ball in the rough you don't have much shot.

Q. Your first time at this course?

Q. What are your overall impressions?
JEFF OVERTON: I mean, it's no wonder why they call it Congressional; all the Congress people and stuff play it and it's one of the best tracks I've ever played. It's fun. It's neat.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow, or how do you sleep with your name on the leaderboard?
JEFF OVERTON: A tough golf course like this a lot of things can happen so just go out and try to par the golf course to death and if you make a few putts and birdie, so be it.

Q. What did you do on 9?
JEFF OVERTON: I had to 235 to the front edge, 260 to the hole and it was kind of on a downslope and I didn't know whether to hit my 3-iron -- it's a hybrid so has a little more loft than my 2-iron but I didn't think I could get my 2-iron to carry that far. I was just trying to muscle my 3-iron and get it up in the air and wound up working out right in the middle of the green.

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