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July 3, 2008

Drew Weaver


Q. What happened on the 11th?
DREW WEAVER: You know, I hit a good drive and then the second shot was just a little awkward I was kind of in-between clubs and -- hit it a few yards left of the green and just an impossible spot and was trying to bump it down the hill through the rough and get it on the green and the first one came out really soft. The second one was a worse lie, downslope and got caught up in the rough again and got it on and 2-putted.
Definitely not the way I wanted to start and I 3-putted for double on 13. Things were not looking too good then. So I was just really scrambling.

Q. Steady the rest of the way.
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, I did. The putt that I made on 14 really kind of stead he'd me out and that was big for the round. I didn't shoot myself out of making the cut by any means.
I guess the cut line is right around 4-over now, and I played just incredibly steady the last 13 or so holes, and had a ton of birdie chances. Hit a bunch of greens and good putts but they wiggled one way or the other, but I guess the bunker shot worked out.

Q. The back nine --
DREW WEAVER: I have a really good caddie and he works for Carlos Franco usually and we just met up on Monday, and he steadied me out and realized that there's a lot of golf to play.
Even though I got off to a horrific start, I played practice rounds and felt good about my game. I knew the wheels were not really falling off but golf is like that sometimes. It's weird. Just try to kind of get things back on track and just start with hitting one good shot at a time and it was good, definitely.

Q. The local guys --
DREW WEAVER: It's great having all the support and being last off there are not a lot of people out here but I'm sure tomorrow will be fun. It's wonderful to hear all of the cheers for everybody.
I played in 11 or 12 college events and wore the same clothes in every event so my team clothing is a little worn down so I figured I might as well wear some stuff that's pretty stylish. I figure carrying the team bag is a big enough statement.

Q. Key to getting the back nine going tomorrow?
DREW WEAVER: I have the benefit of not having to wait a long time. I can get some dinner and get rested and get up in the morning and get out of here and maintain that confidence. You know, for me, in these kind of events, and PGA TOUR events or majors that I've played in, the main thing has been making birdies.
You know, I made two birdies today and I could have made six. I hit a lot of great shots on my back nine, you know, I'm just going to build on that and it's nice to see things come to fruition when you work hard and start to hit good shots, it is very confidence-inspiring, so I'll just try to keep that momentum.

Q. What was the club on the chip-in?
DREW WEAVER: 60-degree lob-wedge.

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