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May 29, 2004

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman


PAUL ROVNAK: Okay, Vicki, thanks for coming in and talking with us 67 under, 11 under total, right near the top of the leaderboard with the people on the course. Would you give us your thoughts now and we'll take some questions.

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: I was very pleased today, I felt like I struck the ball well, had control of my ball flight, which hasn't been the case for a while, so that was nice. I made some good putts. A couple putts I hit could have dropped, didn't drop, but all in all, I was very pleased for the day, look forward to tomorrow.

PAUL ROVNAK: We'll take questions. Please use the mic.

Q. We talked yesterday, looking at the leaders ahead, you know three, four stroke advantage, and you said you weren't going to back down, and it seems like that was the case for you today.

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: You know, you don't have any control of anybody else but yourself out there, and on this golf course you can make a lot of birdies. Obviously, the trees can eat those golf balls, but there are opportunities to be had. And I felt if I played my game and took advantage of certain holes out there, that I could score. And I snuck a couple birdies out there that were almost like stealing, and I left a few that I probably should have grabbed, but I'm trying to do the best I can and I want to play the best I can tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. Vicki it was breezy today like yesterday. Did that have any effect on your game?

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: I wouldn't think if it plays breezy, it would be better for me than if it played calm. I've never shot 62 or anything like that, and I think if it's calm, you're going to see some real low numbers, but I thought that you really had to think out there of some shots and really trust that you're playing the right club and the right number, because there were some clubs I hit that were a lot more club that I would have normally hit and ended up working out perfect.

Q. You said earlier that you don't really worry what the other players are doing because you can't affect them, but do you find yourself watching the score board? Like, for example, 9, Michelle got a triple bogey and came back to the field a little bit.

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: I saw that. I didn't know exactly what happened, but I knew that she had come back to the field slightly. I guess tomorrow, obviously, I'll be cognizant of what's going on. I don't have any control of anybody else but myself. I guess that's the main point I was making, but coming in the stretch, maybe a couple decisions may be altered slightly, if need be, to make up a few birdies here and there, or if you're in the lead, to, I guess, keep it, but I haven't been there a lot so, I mean, I just I'm playing my game, having a good time doing it, and I'll see what happens.

Q. You've had some pretty good finishes here in this tournament. Do you feel more comfortable on this course? Do you think this fits your style of play. Or mentally you seem to do better here. What do you think lends itself to doing well here?

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: I love the golf course, I love the town and the people. Everybody has been so great to me here, and especially since 2000, it's almost like a home away from home, just the support I've had, and, I mean, it's neat coming back here and, obviously, it's fun playing well in front of everybody, so I feel comfortable with the golf course, and maybe I know the greens a little better. This is my 11th year here, so I should figure it out by now, but if I haven't figured it out, tough day for me.

Q. You've touched on this a little in the past, but that 2000 tournament, was that the turning point for your career as far as really getting the confidence back? And talk about where your game was before then, and where it's come after that tournament.

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: Absolutely. I remember coming into the media room, I guess, second and third round, and everyone was asking me about the lead and contention, and I said, "If you see me tomorrow, we'll talk about it," because I hadn't made barely any cuts. Obviously, my confidence level was not the highest at that point, and I knew that I was playing better, but I still hadn't accomplished anything, so when I lost in the playoff, it was kind of like, gosh, I actually can play out here, and I can compete, and it got me back to exempt status, and it seems like every year it's gotten better since then.

And now, once you've had a taste of that, obviously, A, you think you can do it again, and B, you want to keep doing it because it's a lot of fun. So, to me, I think this tournament in 2000 was definitely a changing point in my career.

Q. One last question about the leaders. Are you surprised they haven't been able to go a little lower so far? They are still right around the area where they started today.

VICKI GOETZE ACKERMAN: I know that a lot of people did shoot well today, but it was very difficult conditions. If you didn't take advantage of certain par 5s on the front, and maybe got a little too greedy on a few holes, you could definitely make some bogeys out there today, so I'm somewhat surprised, obviously happy, about that, but I'm not watching them play, they could be hitting it close and lipping out. I'm not sure how they are doing today.

End of FastScripts.

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