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July 3, 2008

Peter Hedblom


Q. Peter, you hit a couple of good shots, you must be pleased with that.
PETER HEDBLOM: Yeah, 4-under felt actually the worse I could have shot today. I had so many good chances and I got to 4-under pretty quickly.
Then I missed a short one for birdie on 18, short one on 1, and then really didn't hole anything and I made a bad bogey on 7 and birdied 8.
But overall, it was one of the best rounds in a long time.

Q. New course and new venue for us all, your thoughts on it?
PETER HEDBLOM: It's a great course and great condition, it's very good. The course needs a little bit of wind to make it a little bit more interesting really -- well, not interesting, but otherwise scoring would be low, I would say.
With the wind now, you can actually get the flags pretty tight; that all of a sudden makes it tough, with especially the wind up. But I think it's a great course. I like it.

Q. Ross's 9-under, a fair achievement?
PETER HEDBLOM: Yeah, that's a fantastic score. I thought like I should have maybe shot 6-under today or 7, but 9, that's very good.
You know, the greens are so soft, if you hit it close you can make some good putts.
Feels like it's a good time to start playing well this week and maybe next weekend, and maybe I can get into The Open. I didn't manage to qualify, so hopefully I can do that by playing good in these two weeks now.

Q. A big run, isn't it, big events every week.
PETER HEDBLOM: Yes and I always like this tournament and especially next week, Loch Lomond is one of my favourite courses. So it's going to be great just to be able to play well again.

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