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July 3, 2008

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


Q. Very nice start there.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yeah, good start, 5-under after ten holes, and playing quite solid and made some changes from my swing.
I was hitting the ball all around the place the last couple of weeks, but it looks like I found something that it's working, and a bit unlucky, especially 11 and 12. 11, my ball plugs in the bunker.
And then on 12, I hit a wonderful 3-wood which didn't really draw at the end and again found it plugged.
So that was a bit unfair, because you know, you don't expect to find a 3-wood plugged in a bunker. So I have the feeling that I left a couple of shots out there, but still, a great round and way to start.

Q. Eagle must have been nice.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Eagle was wonderful, especially coming from bogey and 3-putting the second, I managed to birdie the fourth and then eagled the third. That was a big turnaround.
I mean, very happy. You never know, when the first time you play a course, you never know what it's going to be like.
So under par, it's good in these conditions. It's not a long course, that's good, too. So of course it's important to keep the ball in the fairway, but the most -- so you have some recovery par 5s where you can get on in two and on the 7th, maybe make an eagle.

Q. You've been working on your swing; anything in particular?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: A little bit. As I said before I was hitting the ball all over the place and I was a little bit desperate, and I saw Mariano Bartolomé, an Argentine guy that works at Jim McClean Golf School and coaches Cabrera and Romero, some good players. And I asked him -- he's not my coach but I was so desperate, I asked him for advice and he very kindly agreed to help me.
Apparently I was with my hands too up like this, so I had to lose and relax my arms, letting them hang and so it feels a lit uncomfortable because I've been doing the other thing for a long time, but it's working so I'm going to keep doing it.

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