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July 3, 2008

David Frost


Q. The wind seemed to drop coming in; did that help at all?
DAVID FROST: No, it didn't help. It dropped on the last hole, that was it. Otherwise we've been hitting 340-yard drives on No. 16, so it didn't really drop there. It just dropped the last few holes. The last hole I hit 6-iron in.
But overall, you know, to talk about my game, I played very steady. I made some nice putts today, unlike on Monday, British Open qualifying, disgusted. I missed like eight putts under ten feet. But, what can I say. I had a good round.

Q. Was there anything that changed?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, I changed the putter. But I do carry a couple of putters in case the one just, you know -- sometimes you play faster greens and sometimes slower greens, so it helps to change putters. I went to a little heavier putter today and it worked out well.

Q. Is it crazy going out knowing someone shot 9-under?
DAVID FROST: Yes, we were very surprised with the wind this morning and the score. But, I got off to a decent start, 4-under through like seven, eight holes, and I didn't think -- I just wanted to play golf. I hit a lot of fairways which you can score from the fairway.

Q. Scoring-wise, your group was as good as it got today.
DAVID FROST: Yeah, a nice group, Rory played very well on the back nine. Michael and I played well on the front nine. So it does help using a bit of momentum from player to player.
Q. You must be aware when you're playing with him, almost 30 years between you, but you beat him by two.
DAVID FROST: Yes, I'm aware of that, especially when he hits it 40 yards past me.

Q. How good is he?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, he's nice to watch, he's a dramatic player. He's got a couple of things he can work on. I think he does hit the ball close enough to the hole with his short irons, from 150 yards in, I think he can improve.
But, hey, he's got the next 20 years to do it in. So I don't have that time to do that. I think there are a couple of things that he can work on, and, you know, again, as I say, he's got a lot of time to do it.

Q. For years, it's more than working towards Champions Tour golf?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, I've handed in a lot of good rounds this year. Hopefully one week I can do four in a row.

Q. You're always up there, kind of like your wine.
DAVID FROST: Yeah, I must say, I've been playing very steady golf. But I'm enjoying myself, and I'm enjoying my ball-striking and I'm putting well. All parts of my game are consistent. The only thing that's helped me back thus far this year is maybe not playing four good rounds.
But that's okay. I'm enjoying myself.

Q. You played with young Rory today, very young Rory compared to yourself --
DAVID FROST: I played with him before this year. I played with him in Dubai.

Q. What did you think of him today?
DAVID FROST: I think he played very well, as I said. And again, as I say, he's only 18 so he has plenty of time.

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