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July 3, 2008

Robert Rock


Q. Tell us about your round.
ROBERT ROCK: I had a bit of help on my putting and worked well.

Q. Sense of playing conditions out there?
ROBERT ROCK: Some holes are playing easier. Par 5s have been downwind, and if the wind stays the same direction, those will be easy I think. Greens are quite firm, and it's tricky up-and-down sometimes.

Q. Limited opportunities to play this year because of your ranking; difficult decision to decide whether to play here when you get the chance or play on the Challenge Tour and get your card that way?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it is, you can sometimes do both and really have no ranking on either at the end of the year. This is a really good tournament and was fortunate to get an invite here and so I took it. It's going okay so far.

Q. Three weeks like this, a massive opportunity.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, great prize fund and pretty close to home, as well, so yeah, it's nice to get involved in these tournaments.

Q. Pretty good going, first round.
ROBERT ROCK: Yes, it is. Decent score. Not really competitive with Ross's.

Q. What do you make of it, 63 out there?
ROBERT ROCK: That's a great score. It's not easy by any means, but some holes are easier, and if you birdie those, you may crack a putt on the way around. And it didn't look like he made any bogeys, but a great round.

Q. What was the key to shooting such a figure for you?
ROBERT ROCK: I hit some pretty poor shots a bit early and maybe a bit out of rhythm, but I had some help with my putting from Hennie Otto's coach, Johann, so it made a difference and felt comfortable on the greens early on. Having hit some bad shots, I made some decent putts to make par.
Then from about the fifth onward, I started finding the clubface properly and hit some good shots and I still putted well. So I hit all the birdies after then.

Q. When did you know you were actually going to be playing in this event?
ROBERT ROCK: On Monday on the first tee at Sunningdale, somebody ran over and told me that I had the last invite, which I was over the moon, because I was supposed to be going on Lyon on Tuesday afternoon for the Challenge Tour.
So even though Sunningdale didn't go to plan, I was disappointed not to make The Open.
This was a nice bonus, as well. I made a point at the start of the week thinking, there's many people asking for invites each week and it's a lot to expect them to give you one really so I was really grateful.
Yeah, if I carry on like this, it will be even better.

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