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July 1, 2008

Laura Robson


L. ROBSON/M. Oudin
6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Laura.

Q. What was the difference between last week and this week?
LAURA ROBSON: I think since I lost last week, I like knew how to play her almost because I knew what she was going to do when she started losing and stuff.
So this time I just stayed with my game plan a lot more.

Q. You were born in Australia?

Q. Why did the family move to Britain?
LAURA ROBSON: Because I moved to Singapore when I was about 18 months old for my dad's work, and for the same reason we moved to England.

Q. What is his career?
LAURA ROBSON: I'm not actually that sure. He works at Shell.

Q. You said you knew what she was going to do when she was losing. What did you mean by that?
LAURA ROBSON: Last week I won the first set and she started hitting a lot more defensive shots, slice, attacking her forehand just when I would hit it like half a meter short.
So this time I was ready for that. And then, yeah.

Q. What pleased you most about your attacking game today?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't know. It was just really consistent. And then I served a lot better than last week, as well.

Q. Watching your match with John Evert, and he was saying, This girl reminds me of somebody. I said, Could it be Chris Evert? He said, Yes. She reminds me a lot of my sister, the way she moves around the court. Do you find that an impressive compliment?
LAURA ROBSON: Yes, it's quite nice. I think everyone would like to be compared to her because she was like so good. That's really nice of him.

Q. You are living in England now or are you based in Florida?
LAURA ROBSON: No, I live in London. I live in Wimbledon, actually, about five minute's walk away. So I walked here this morning, and I train at the national center.

Q. How was the atmosphere on Court 7 for you? Quite a few people around.
LAURA ROBSON: It was really good. There were like so many people supporting me, lots of British fans, so it was just a really good atmosphere.

Q. Have you found a difference that people are becoming aware of you?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I think there was a couple people that watched me yesterday as well that came to watch again today.

Q. What do you think the key was to winning? Do you think it was your backhand down the line?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't know. I think I was just really focused and I knew what I had to do to win, so I just kept on doing that.

Q. Is Olga Morozova coaching you?
LAURA ROBSON: No. She used to, and I'm coached by a Dutch person, Martijn Bok.

Q. At one time was she coaching you?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, last year for a period she was coaching me.

Q. It was very hot out there, so hot that one of the fans fainted. You barely seemed to break a sweat.
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I've been to Florida and all these hot places, so I'm used to the weather quite a bit.

Q. You're doing a lot of fitness training as well?
LAURA ROBSON: I do about an hour a day, at least.

Q. What were you more nervous about, the match or coming in here?
LAURA ROBSON: I think it's pretty even, yeah (smiling).

Q. Obviously now people are going to start to know you and want to talk to you and find out about you. Are you prepared for everything that will come?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, I mean, it's part of the process really. Like moving from juniors to seniors you start getting more attention.

Q. Have you talked to anyone about that, about how to handle things?
LAURA ROBSON: I've had a slight bit of media training. So the more I do it, the more confident I'm getting with it.

Q. Who is giving you the media training?
LAURA ROBSON: Well, I just had a few discussions with a Sky Sports reporter. They were helping me with what I should be saying and what I shouldn't.

Q. You won the Eddie Herr tournaments?

Q. Did you go to the Orange Bowl also?

Q. What category did you play there?
LAURA ROBSON: 14s, and then I lost in the Round of 16.

Q. What is your plan going forward now? Are you going to aim full stretch for the US Open juniors?
LAURA ROBSON: I won't be able to play US Open juniors because I'm only allowed a certain number of tournaments this year.
So if I want to play Australian Open and the lead-up tournaments for that I won't be able to play.

Q. Is that because of your age?

Q. Any possibility for an exception?
LAURA ROBSON: I don't know. I haven't really looked into it that much.

Q. Were you surprised you were able to break her in that last game?
LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, I knew if I just kept returning well, and even if I didn't win that game, I knew that I could be able to serve it out. So there wasn't really any pressure to win that game, and I think that's why I returned that well.

Q. Was there a player you enjoyed watching that influenced the way you play?
LAURA ROBSON: Not really. I just try to play my own game. I used to watch Hingis a lot. I liked the way she played because it was so smart. I try to bring that into my tennis a bit, but it's just really my own game.

Q. Have you played any pro tournaments yet?
LAURA ROBSON: No. I turned 14 in January. At the end of this year I'm going to start playing 10,000s, 25,000s.

Q. Are you aware of the last great British woman player?
LAURA ROBSON: I believe that was Virginia Wade or someone quite a long time ago.

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