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July 1, 2008

Tamarine Tanasugarn


V. WILLIAMS/T. Tanasugarn
6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you feel you competed well in that match?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Yes, I think I'm, you know, go out there and try the best I can. And I think I was joking myself, I have so many breakpoints in the first set.
But, you know, Venus, that kind of top players, you know, like defending champion, she don't give you any easy chance to use, so you have to make it. And, uhm, she served very well during the breakpoints.
So what can I do? You know, I try the best I can today, uh-huh.

Q. Did you approach it any differently than your other matches against Venus?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Well, her game and her style is really hard because she have a very, very hard weapon, you know, big serve and big groundstrokes.
You know, today I tried to be aggressive and step up. I think, you know, part of the couple many points that I tried, you know, to do in the good way.
But only thing today, it's her serve. She served very well today. You know, like, I was like -- when she's acing me many times, I was like, can I -- probably next life I want to be tall as her, please, or something like that.
But it's just, yeah, she's serve very well today, yeah.

Q. Even though she did serve big, you still created many breakpoint chances. Could you speak about Venus' ability when she faced a breakpoint to then do something even bigger? It seemed like she became a different player at that point.
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Yeah, you know, like, uhm, you know, this is really ability for a top players, as like Venus or Serena or, you know, like Grand Slam champion, No. 1 in the world.
And, you know, you have to go for it, you know, and the opportunity, that kind of thing. You know, she made it. In that kind of tough situations like breakpoints or set point or something down or something, she make like a great tennis thing: big serve on the T and aces.
You know, that's how ability of the great players do, you know, in the very critical time. Something like that, yeah.

Q. You seemed to enjoy yourself out there.
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Yeah, I think so. I try, you know, the best I can. In the beginning of second set I was like, all my body start like showing myself, Oh, Tammy, you been working so hard the last couple matches and been since some long time, so...
And Venus is not falling apart. Doesn't give any chances for me to come back. So, you know, I think I'm fought hard and, you know, doing my best.

Q. In recent years in your homeland there have been some tough times, Burma, Thailand, India. What does it mean that two of you from that area have reached the quarters?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Wow, it's very difficult questions. You know, like, for sure, for Thailand, since Paradorn doing so well, so they know now tennis professional it is.
But for probably maybe 15 years ago I don't think they really know about tennis professionals. So probably, you know, like for the tennis-wise means our native, we don't really, you know, know about a lot of tennis. You know, we good with kickboxing or really kind of, you know, our nation sports.
So I guess, you know, like, uhm, you know, I'm kind of happy. And also Paradorn is doing well. We provide very good performance, you know, in the quarters. I hope, you know, when I'm doing, you know -- Paradorn and me doing well, so the regions is start kind of know we have this kind of sports.
And I hope, you know, good for Asian ability to, you know, prove themselves they can do well, as well. So I hope, you know, foundations or government or something, you know, improve or supporting tennis in that kind of regions, yeah, uh-huh.

Q. When you had to qualify here two years ago you were ranked 164. Now you're going to be ranked 37. How does that feel?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Feel great, you know. Feel great. You know, back on track again (smiling). You know, I was struggling last two years. Actually that year in Wimbledon I was thinking, you know, if I doesn't play well, doesn't feeling good, I'm thinking, you know, to stop with my career or so.
But I'm still here, you know, still enjoying tennis. So, you know, I'm keep going forward and have fun on my career, yup.

Q. Can you tell us how much coverage there would be of this match in Thailand, newspapers and television?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I heard from my friend and my families, last couple matches they've been live, but in cable TVs. But today's match like on the local TV. So it's kind of happy and everybody can see me, supporting me.

Q. Now that you've lost will you leave Wimbledon or stay here for the rest of the tournament?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I love to stay, but I really happy to leave, too. Because I'm been out of home since Strasbourg, before Paris. So kind of almost two months.
You know, home is really -- you know, I don't have a chance to be home that match, and I would love to go home, you know, as soon as possible.
But I have to do something, you know, maybe tomorrow or the day after I leave, go home, something like that.

Q. Are you pretty much the only international woman athlete out of Thailand, or are there others in other sports?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Women athletics, I think we have a good -- also good golfer also. They're doing pretty good with LPGA in States. And also I think we have good weight lifting. I think we won many gold medals, something like that. And also badminton also.
So I think kind of -- but not many as much sports, yeah.

Q. Is it still with you that you were one of the first two players onto Ashe Stadium? Is that something you have pride in and reflect on?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Wow, you know, actually, it was good for me to have that kind of record to be first women in Arthur Ashe stadium. But it was lucky because I was playing against Chanda Rubin.
I think, you know, kind of that time they want Chanda to win, because at that time she just came back from injury.
But, you know, somehow kind of I make the record, you know, to be the first women in Arthur Ashe stadium, so it was good, though.

Q. Have you made a plan yet for what you will do after you retire from tennis? Are you studying in addition, or do you plan to teach?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Yes, you know, with this kind of age you're thinking a lot for more what you're gonna doing.
Well, uhm, probably right now I also study in the master degrees in Bangkok University for business right now.

Q. Right now as you're playing tennis?
TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Yeah. But I just started to thinking to study that. Well, definitely I'm not sure what I'm going to do. But if I try to help and improve tennis in Thailand I will love to do that. Or I would like to do something else of tennis also because, you know, I'm being tennis for like how many years, and now want to do something different like a normal people also.

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