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July 1, 2008

Nadia Petrova


6-1, 6-7, 6-3


Q. What happened with your foot-fault in the first set? It seemed to upset you a little bit.
NADIA PETROVA: It did. And I found that, you know, the linesman, you know, was not really paying attention to the right things. I mean, I've never been foot-faulting in this way.
I don't know. It was hard for me to believe because I ended up after the serve at least like two feet from the T. It was very strange.

Q. What did you actually get called for, serving in the wrong quadrant?
NADIA PETROVA: No. He said my right foot was like on the, like, T line. But, I mean, I felt like, you know, I didn't let the ball go. That was not the beginning of the motion. I don't know.

Q. How long would you say that affected you for?
NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, it was a very important game. It was a game for 2-All. After losing that, you know, I give her a lead of 4-1, so it was difficult to catch up already in the second set.

Q. Do you think you missed an opportunity when you pulled it back?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, this match has been an opportunity, and I missed a big one.

Q. By the end of the second set the momentum seemed to be very much with you. What happened at the start of the third set to change that?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, I think I made a mistake that I stayed on court. I should go off court and cool down. I thought that today was very hot weather conditions, and I was very surprised that we were not treated as we should, you know.
I think for the first two sets there was not a ball boy putting the umbrella behind us. It was pretty warm today, so I had to go off and cool down a little bit.
But at the other hand, I didn't want my focus to go away. I also felt a little bit tired from last night because I finished playing mixed at 9:00. So, yeah, not enough time to recover.

Q. How do you rate the level of Elena's play compared to a few years ago?
NADIA PETROVA: It's really hard for me to say. I haven't played her for a long time, and, you know, I'm just coming back after all those injuries.
You know, I'm just getting back into the rhythm, getting into the feel of the girl's tennis, so it's difficult for me to do this.

Q. Did you draw the umpire's attention to the problems you were having with the heat?
NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, well, I did tell her that, you know, it wasn't really like a professional way. I think the weather, the heat, reached up to 27, and it was very hot. Being in the stadium I think makes it even hotter.
So, you know, they had to be aware of it and have somebody standing there for every changeover with umbrella.

Q. Even though you're disappointed now, what will you take away from this grass court season?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, it's been a good fun for me. I've had a good result. I'm happy, you know, I'm getting my matches back. I'm feeling my game better. I'm going through all the match situations again, all the play, all the emotions.
So, you know, it's like doing it all the way from the beginning.

Q. Presumably when you come to Wimbledon you don't expect the heat to be a problem.
NADIA PETROVA: That's true, yeah. Maybe that's why, you know, they haven't thought of it. But I guess they should pay attention to the forecast (smiling).

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