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June 30, 2008

Jie Zheng


Z. ZHENG/A. Szavay
6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to be in your first quarterfinal of a Grand Slam?
JIE ZHENG: It's great. It's great, you know. This is a tough match because I don't know how I do get in quarterfinal because every opponent is very stronger.
But I feel I just played so well today. How do you say, I just give her the forehand more. Backhand is unbelievable good. Have too much winner for me. It's very tough.

Q. Is this the best performance you've ever had at a Grand Slam in an individual match? Have you ever played better than this?
JIE ZHENG: For today?

Q. Today, was this the best you played?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I feel today is best tennis for me. Before the two match, I think this match is best. Also I feel I had the stronger mentaling, and every ball I do the fighting.
I want to win match too much because is first time good chance to be the quarterfinal.

Q. What is it about Wimbledon this year that has brought the best out of you? Do you feel at home here on grass?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah. I feel maybe like next time I play the grass court more (smiling).

Q. If you win the next match, you become the first Chinese player to reach a semifinal in a Grand Slam. Does that drive you on or excite you?
JIE ZHENG: I feel in the quarterfinal is fine. I don't want thinking too much in semifinal because the other one, I don't know play against who, because the match is still play now.
But I just want to keep going, try my best, and don't think too much. Quarterfinal for me is first time also. It's very good.

Q. I think it's Nicole Vaidisova.
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I play Vaidisova maybe two time, three time. I never win one time. I don't want to think too much. I just trying.
Before few months she playing so well, but in grass she be come back more and more. I just try keep going.

Q. Is there a lot of pressure back in China? The newspapers today were all saying next is the Olympics and a gold medal is all you're missing. Is that getting a bit ahead of themselves?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, of course the Olympic in China is very important. But after here, I got to come back still for the waiting for play the Olympic.
But, how do you say, everyone want to win a gold medal. Venus Williams and still the doubles good. I think maybe the doubles is more chance for win the gold medal. But also is tough. Many good player come for play the Olympic this year.

Q. Tanasugarn is in the quarterfinals as well. What does it mean for you to have two Asian players in the quarterfinals here?
JIE ZHENG: I think first time two Asians in quarterfinals. Very good tennis. For me it's a good friend. We hope we're together, keep going.

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