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June 30, 2008

Arnaud Clement


6-4, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Arnaud Clément.

Q. You couldn't have expected this at the beginning of the tournament.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes, not really. I start the tournament, my ranking is now 140, 145. I was not in confidence the last couple months. It was very difficult period for me.
And a little bit more, in 10 days, now it's totally different. I'm back with very good level, enjoyed a lot to play on the court. And it was not the same weather as the past few months.

Q. Is this almost as good as reaching the final in Australia 2001 or do you have to go further to emulate that?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: For the moment, no, not really. But it's very difficult to compare. Here I didn't beat any seeded player. In Australian Open it was totally different.
But for me it's very special because, you know, just what I said: the last six months was very difficult for me. I only won three matches before coming here, and I won four in the same tournament, in a Grand Slam, in Wimbledon. So it's just very special.
But I cannot compare it with the final in the Australian Open. It was 2001. It was a final. It was completely different.

Q. There's also a chance of a maybe a semifinal place, Rainer Schuettler, rather than another seeded player.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes, it's a very good chance for me. Very good chance for him, too. He beats very good players in this tournament. I know him very well. I lost against him in the Australian Open first round this year. It's a good opportunity for both of them, so we'll see.
Now just enjoying just few hours, just tonight, and after I'm going to be very focused tomorrow for this match. I didn't expect to be in quarterfinal here, sure. But now I am in quarterfinal and I have a good chance to -- I have a chance. I have a chance to play a semifinal here if I play a good match against Rainer. So I want to play this match 100% and we'll see after the tournament.

Q. How much did last year's doubles success help you playing on grass?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: I don't think it helps me a lot for this year. Every year I like to play on grass court. I'm not playing good every year because it's only three tournament. But, you know, last year I played -- the best part of my season was on grass. Not in Wimbledon, but the two tournaments before. In Nottingham, I reached the finals, and Queen's semifinal.
So I like to play on grass for many years. The first matches I won in Grand Slam, it was here 11 years ago, so I like to play. I'm enjoying a lot to play on grass. When the grass is coming, I'm happy.
But it's not about the double last year.

Q. Unusual for a Frenchman to be happy to play on grass.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: No, not really. Why you say that? Sébastien Grosjean, two-time semifinal; Amélie Mauresmo won here; Gasquet last year semifinal. So, no, we have lots of French players likes to play on grass.
Michael Llodra won a tournament on grass; Nicolas Mahut played final in Queen's last year, match point against Roddick.
So, no, I think we have lots of players can play on grass. It's not a good question (smiling).

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