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June 30, 2008

Jamie Murray


MURRAY and HUBER/Tursunov and Petrova
6-2, 2-6, 9-7

Q. How was playing back to back doubles games for you?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, it was fine. I mean, the first one was pretty quick, to be honest, and didn't really take too much out of me. You know, I was keen to get back out on the court and try to play a bit better than I did this morning. It was good to get through.

Q. Is that something you've done before, played back to back --
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I did it last year a couple of times, but it was fine. It's grass, you know, the points aren't so long, and I played six sets today. It's not going to kill you, you know.

Q. What is the process between matches?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, this time I didn't really have much, because I think we had maybe an hour and a quarter, and I finished and I was really disappointed the way I played this morning. I had to warm down a little bit, get a quick shower, a bite to eat and then just back on court.
So it was a quick turnaround, which is kind of good in a way because I think if you take too long in between, your body goes down and stiffens up and stuff, so it's better to get out there and get playing again.

Q. And it was a disappointment this morning?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, of course. We were obviously underdogs for the match, but I was very disappointed with the way the match meant. Those guys played very well and served very, very well, which made it difficult for us.
But I didn't play a great match at all, particularly on serve. I kind of let myself down a bit on serve throughout the match, and that's something to improve if you're going to try to get to the top of the game.

Q. They were No. 2 seeds; is that right? You must be reasonably happy that you -- that middle set was quite hard, wasn't it?
JAMIE MURRAY: Not really. I mean, we lost three sets to love, simple as that. It was a bit of a kicking.
You know, I'm sure we'll play them a lot of times in the future, and I'm sure we'll play better against them than we did today. They're a tough team, a very good team, and probably the No. 1 team in the world right now, to be honest with you, with their results over the last six weeks.

Q. Aside from the serve is there anything else you think you could have done to turn that round?
JAMIE MURRAY: It was tough. I mean, Zimonjic was serving huge. I mean, we hardly won a point on his serve the whole way through the match and Nestor has had a great serve all the way through his career, and today they were both firing.
It's tough especially on grass, tougher to return, and we didn't really have any chances at all until maybe even the last game where we had a couple of breakpoints, but we couldn't quite do it.

Q. And this afternoon with Liezel, that comes to be coming together?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, we played a good first -- really good first set, and then I completely stuffed up my service game out of nowhere really, and it was a battle from then because those two are very good singles players, which makes it tough. But we fought hard and fought hard, and we managed to get a pretty good serve right at the end, and then Liezel served out. So it was pleasing, very pleasing to get through.

Q. Do you know very much about Knowle and Chan you play next? Have you played them before or know much about them?
JAMIE MURRAY: I played Julian Knowle here last year actually in the mixed, maybe even in the same round. Yeah, I've played a few times in doubles. Yeah, it's a good draw.
I think -- you know, I think it was good for us to get through it. I would have been disappointed to go home tonight and be completely out of the tournament, and I've given ourselves another chance to come back fighting tomorrow and try and do the best we can and go as far as we can in the tournament.

Q. I read in a column this morning that you didn't think you'd win it again this year, the mixed doubles. Why is that?
JAMIE MURRAY: I didn't say I didn't think we'd win it, I just said I don't expect to win it again. I think that's completely different things. This year when I've played with Liezel, the two teams that have beaten us have won the tournament. We know that we're one of the better teams out there, and especially on grass. I think if we play well together then we've got a very good chance to go far in the tournament.

Q. Slightly away from the tennis, what happened with the hair?
JAMIE MURRAY: Who knows (laughter)? I was just -- I came home yesterday, and I was in the flat, and I've kind of been saying it for a few days that -- not necessarily I wanted to shave it, but I quite liked the idea of just shaving it because it's quite enjoyable to do it, and then I went for it and that was that. But it came out okay, I think.

Q. How long had you let it grow for?
JAMIE MURRAY: It was like 18 months, a long time.

Q. Is that a No. 3?
JAMIE MURRAY: No. 3, yeah, there you go.

Q. Jelena Jankovic said she might play mixed doubles with you after you got a haircut.
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, it's a bit late this time, but we'll see, maybe in the future.

Q. And pleased to see the way Andy is going at the moment?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I'd be out there watching it if I didn't have to speak to you guys.
It's amazing, to be two sets to love down, and I think that will be the first time in his career if he does go on to win to have done that. That will be pleasing to him, and obviously to get into the quarterfinals at Wimbledon if he does win will be great, and great for the tournament, I think.

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