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June 29, 2008

Paula Creamer



Q. Probably not the way you had it scripted in your mind when you teed off on 1 today, was it?

PAULA CREAMER: Definitely not, no. But you learn from these. Just honestly it was not my day. Inbee played awesome. She really did, 2-under par today, that's a heck of a round out there.

It's probably like I've said a couple times, it's probably the most disappointed I've been in a very long time.

Q. What happened on the second hole?

PAULA CREAMER: I hit it in the left bunker, then didn't hit a good lay up and in the right rough and over the green, chunked the chip, hit it down to about 12 feet and thought I made the putt. But you miss it and -- a par-5, that's horrible. Especially on that hole when I've been in the front every day of it.

But that just kind of took a lot of momentum and then I made the great birdie on 4 and I was thinking, okay, here we go. But it was so hard for me to get anything close to the pin. My ball striking wasn't like it was the other days and if you kind of mishit it and how windy it was, it makes it a lot harder, so.

Q. Two doubles on the front but then on 10 you chipped and rimmed it. How much would that have helped you?

PAULA CREAMER: Oh, huge. At the same time though it was a par. I was happy at that point with pars. And I was just tapping in.

But it was just, it was a rough day. Especially when you have such a great gallery out there cheering you on the whole time, it's just hard. I think that's the hardest part.

Q. It looked like that it was starting to register with you the walk between the 9th and over to -- while you went into the facility for a minute, but it looked like that you had a pretty good grip on the fact that it was kind of slipping away from you at that point?

PAULA CREAMER: Well, we were standing on 18 and --

Q. (Inaudible.)

PAULA CREAMER: No, I was, I still had nine holes left. Out here that's, geez, that's nothing. But I was -- it's hard. I mean you just, you double a hole that you cannot go over the green and I've been over the green twice. Things like that. That's just careless course management. And it just wrong decisions at wrong times. But that's just -- that's why I'm not standing over on that 18th green. Things like that.

Q. Club and yardage on 9?

PAULA CREAMER: I hit a four rescue and it was into the wind, but I had to keep it under a tree and all this. I probably should have hit 4-iron, obviously. But I just I hit it low and it was drawing with the wind, so.

Q. What were your options up there? There weren't many I assume?

PAULA CREAMER: I was so far back I had to land it short in the rough.

Q. (Inaudible.)

PAULA CREAMER: From over the green?

Q. The second shot. What options did you have with the third shot?

PAULA CREAMER: The chipping one? Well that's what I said, I was so far long. I hit it in the rough I wasn't close to the fringe, I couldn't putt it or anything. I went right, but it was on, I was on like where the walking path, so it was really flat and it's hard to get underneath it and I kind of hit it a little thin and just it was gone. It had to be -- Stacy hit an unbelievable shot to keep it where she was. And I had to get lucky there.

Q. How about on 12? I know you took a walk after hitting out of the sand, kind of looked at the trees back there. You had a moment for yourself there. The par-3 12th hole there. What were you thinking there?

PAULA CREAMER: Well it was just, once again, too aggressive of a line, at the time. Mishit it in the right bunker. I lived in the sand today. That's just -- you can't -- these bunkers, it's impossible to spin them. I keep thinking I can do it miraculously, but it's just, I was just trying to gain my composure and my thoughts and just really go out and try and play the last five, six holes with a couple birdies.

Q. (Inaudible.)

PAULA CREAMER: Maybe later I will. But I can't, it's just, it's what you learn from.

Q. You left a lot of putts this far short. A lot of putts were short today for you.

PAULA CREAMER: A lot of things were wrong out there today. I don't think that it was just that. If you think about it, I had so many putts I had to save par and when you have to save par you can't be super aggressive like you are when you're trying to putt for birdie. But every opportunity I had to give myself for birdie I was above the hole. It was just -- and I never put the ball in the right place and I hit eight greens today, when in the past three days I've hit 14, 15, 16 greens. And I had 30 putts. I mean that's awful. So it's just like I said, it wasn't my day. And I can tell you that it definitely has motivated me more, so.

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