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June 29, 2008

Angela Park



Q. Talk about you and Inbee, you guys have had a long history of playing against each other as amateurs. As Duramed Futures Tour players and of course now. Can you sort of talk a little bit about that. Is it a rivalry? What is it? Just a friendship or what?

ANGELA PARK: Not a rivalry. I wouldn't say that. But I'm a competitor and so is she. Obviously no one likes to lose. And which is great. It brings great game and great competitiveness to the game.

Q. And you're the same age, right?

ANGELA PARK: Oh, yeah. It's been nice watching her play very well. And it gives me something to look up to. And tell myself that I can do it too. And just tag along.

Q. Is it frustrating for you to come so close two years in a row and not close the deal?

ANGELA PARK: No. Not at all. Because that's golf. You're not always going to have it your own way and you're not always going to finish on top. So like I said, it takes a lot of patience and getting myself prepared for the event is very important. So next year hopefully I'll do a little bit better. </ p>

Q. (Inaudible.)

ANGELA PARK: She's not old enough to drink beer but we have our occasions.

Q. You guys are pretty good friends, aren't you?

ANGELA PARK: We're just, we're okay. Yeah. We don't hang out as much any more.

Q. You used to?

ANGELA PARK: Yeah. No, not as much.

Q. What's the change from the Futures to the LPGA?

ANGELA PARK: I think it's because the LPGA is a little bit more serious and you're in the here to make friends, you're not here to make enemies, you're out here to do your thing and I'm out here to do my thing. So I'm not going to, you know, I'm just going to do my thing, do what I got to do and not worry about everything else.

Q. When do you suppose it's -- you're 19, she's 19, why is it easier for women to make big splashes at a younger age than men, other than the obvious lack of numbers compared to men?

ANGELA PARK: Maturity. I think that especially because guys bodies mature a lot later than us and mentally a little bit. So their bodies, they're not used to their body as we would be.

Obviously not as many players. I don't know. It's much harder for guys. I noticed that. Because there's only what, a few amateurs that made the U.S. Open. And there's plenty of them here. There's a lot of them here. So I'm sure that a lot of amateurs are going to step it up in the few coming years.

Q. I ask because you've won on the Futures Tour and not won on the LPGA Tour and she's just won the biggest tournament in women's golf. And if you put all the elements together I don't think you would have picked her this week?

ANGELA PARK: No, I think I would have -- no, not picked me but if I was to pick someone I would have picked her because she played well here last year, she's been playing well, she's been in contention in various weeks on, week off, every week, every other week, so she's been playing great and I think she really deserves this win. So I'm really happy for her.

Q. Good at the USGA courses too.

ANGELA PARK: Oh, yeah.

Q. She's not wild, she's kind of straight?

ANGELA PARK: Um-hum. Which good shots -- the USGA rewards good shots, good putts.

Q. Are you happy with the way you played this week?

ANGELA PARK: Yes. I hit a couple bad shots here and there, and I made a couple mistakes here and golf. But that's golf and everyone makes mistakes. So next time I'll just try to minimize my mistakes a little bit. So like I said so many times, you just got to be patient out there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

ANGELA PARK: I thought the course played much harder because of the wind. And especially on putts. When you're nervous, you're shaking a little and with the wind you're shaking even more. So, yeah, the wind made a big, big difference.

Q. (Inaudible.)

ANGELA PARK: Sometimes two clubs but then you wait for the gust not to blow and then it would be one club.

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