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June 24, 2008

Katie O'Brien


S. PEER/K. O'Brien
6-3, 7-5

Q. Katie, I know you must be terribly upset, but can you give us your thoughts, and the second set, particularly the 5-Love lead, and what happened?
KATIE O'BRIEN: I mean, I don't know. Just I couldn't even explain it myself at the moment. I didn't particularly get flustered or uptight. I mean, I was playing the same way as I was. I felt like I was going for my shots, which was how I was trying to dictate the points, which was how I was getting success against 5-Love. But to be fair to her, she turned the game around and she made an awful lot of balls.
Yeah, it was a disappointment. I can't really explain it right now.

Q. You must have sat there at 5-Love and thought you were playing well, you could go on, win that set and win the third set?
KATIE O'BRIEN: Yeah, sure. I don't think I kind of, you know, lost concentration. I think at 5-Love I think that was my chance in that game. There were a couple of shots I could have made. But other than that, there wasn't really -- I didn't have any set points.

Q. Has that ever happened to you before?

Q. You've gone from 5-Love up to --
KATIE O'BRIEN: I've done both ways.

Q. Do you think she just raised her game a little bit?
KATIE O'BRIEN: Yeah, she did. She got the game 5-1, 5-2, it obviously gave her confidence and she was right back in the set.

Q. Does that sort of make you more determined to come back next year -- it was the same court, wasn't it, as your win last year?
KATIE O'BRIEN: Yeah. I mean, I'm certain I can live with these players, but right now it's not about living with them, it's about beating them.

Q. So what does that mean, that you might not?
KATIE O'BRIEN: No, yeah, obviously I want to come back and -- it's encouraging that I'm not -- I'm going pretty much toe to toe, and in some respects I felt like I was dictating most of the points.

Q. What are your plans now?
KATIE O'BRIEN: I'm involved in the doubles, and maybe -- I'm not sure, might be playing tomorrow.

Q. You must have felt the match slipping away. I'm wondering what you could do about it, I suppose.
KATIE O'BRIEN: I mean, I tried to stay calm, I tried to take my time and regroup. 5-All I actually played okay, but I couldn't quite close the game out.

Q. Was there any Yorkshire people at the courtside?
KATIE O'BRIEN: I didn't really look, but I think there were. My family were there, friends and family.

Q. What can we say, bad luck, and it's hard to explain. Thanks for turning up.

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