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June 27, 2008

Fernando Verdasco


F. VERDASCO/T. Berdych
6-4, 6-4, 6-0

Q. When I first came to Wimbledon about ten years ago, 15 years ago, we thought Spanish players were not that excited about Wimbledon. What are the reasons why you're doing so, so well as a group, the Spanish players? What changed?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: I had this question every day this week. You know, I just said that I think that there is few things maybe that there are more important than the others. First is that we are watching that the Spanish players can play, too, on grass, and that makes confidence to other Spanish players, to see that we can play all on grass, too.
And I think that the people say the grass now is slower than the grass ten years ago. That I don't know because I was not here ten years ago so I don't know about that. But they said that.
And I think that because everybody years ago, they said like Spanish players, they play only in clay court. I think the new generation of players, they want to play on all courts. Rafa, David, Feliciano, Tommy, all the players, all the Spanish players right now. I think they are trying to improve more in grass and in hard court, every court, than maybe Spanish players ten years ago.
I think that is three of the most important change for play good.

Q. Feliciano's quarterfinal in 2005, was that when you could start to feel it get that way?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: The truth is like in my person, I always play good in grass. I always feel good and I always like to play in grass because first year I came, I through the qualifier, and I lost with Nieminen in five sets. And then the year after, I won match in main draw, and I always feel good and I always feel that I can play good in grass, no?
But of course, when you see Feliciano making quarterfinals, maybe he have more serve and volley than I have, but he's lefty like me, and I saw that maybe I can play really good, too. That makes to have confidence, no?
And then the year after Nadal make final, so he's a player that is baseline, maybe not like Feliciano, but is huge serve, serve and volley. And you see one player at the baseline, and he can win, too.
So things like that make you feel that you can do it, too, and that gives you confidence. So I think it's everything important.

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