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June 27, 2008

Nicole Vaidisova


N. VAIDISOVA/C. Dellacqua
6-2, 6-4


Q. How did you see the match today?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Definitely played a great match. I was unlucky to go off the court because of the rain. Started really well off after the rain delay, which was very good.
So I can be only happy with my match today.

Q. The rain didn't affect your concentration?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No. It's always tough being in the lead, coming back after an hour or so. But I think I handled it very well.

Q. Justin Gimelstob, in some comments a couple days ago, described you as a very well-developed young lady. He wasn't talking about your backhand. Do you have any sort of comment on what he said?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I have briefly seen it. I mean, I know Justin. He's a very nice guy. I heard he apologized for it. I think it's just you say something and you don't really mean it. It happens.

Q. You don't find it disrespectful at all?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, the thing, Justin, I know his sense of humor a little bit. I know he kind of talks like that a little bit. So I can cut him some slack.

Q. Did you do anything special during the rain break?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I just sat down with my coach, talked a little bit about the match, put my iPod on, went on the bike and just tried to concentrate.

Q. Rain breaks don't disturb you or make you nervous?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I didn't try to talk or chitchat. I just tried to focus and be ready to go when we were called.

Q. You had a fairly bad run during the clay court season. Do you feel like your form's coming back now?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Definitely. Like I said, I made some changes in my team, a new coach. The changes needed some time. It doesn't come overnight, so I'm definitely happy it's paying off and I'm showing some progress.

Q. How do you feel different, compared to when you weren't playing as well?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I'm a pretty positive person, so I always kind of believe it's going to come back eventually. But obviously I'm very happy with myself, with the effort I've been putting into it.

Q. How do you know it's coming back? Are there particular shots?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I just feel overall my game is good and I feel confident with my game.

Q. With so many sports going on, of course there's the Euro tournament, soccer at the moment. But tennis has one aspect where it's player against player. What goes through your mind about that direct competition?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I always like to be an individual player. I did some team sports, like basketball, but I never really got into it as much. So I like to be there by myself doing my own decisions, just playing for myself.

Q. Why? What appeals to you about that direct competition and what goes through your mind as you're across from an opponent?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I don't really think about it like that. I'm used to it. I've been playing like that for 15 years. I just like the challenge, that it's right there. It's just one-on-one. You're not a part of a team. You do your own decisions. You do what you want to do.

Q. Do you feel like you're slightly off the radar? Three or four years ago you made a big breakthrough, everybody was talking about you. Now you come here this year, maybe not so high profile. Does that help you?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I think it's good. If you're a young player coming up, you have so much pressure to do well. But like this, I just do my own thing. I work hard. I have my family here. So far it's been very good. Very laid back. Been enjoying it.

Q. What was your reaction to Sharapova's match yesterday?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I haven't seen it. I wasn't on the courts any more, so I haven't seen it.

Q. The mental side of playing against one opponent, what do you think about your opponent when you're going through a match and how does that direct competition affect the way you approach a game?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, obviously when I know who I'm playing, I talk with my coach about the way she plays. I mean, we know each other on the tour by now, so we kind of know what some weaknesses are, some strengths, so you kind of prepare for that, just have it in the back of your mind.

Q. What are the best things that David Felgate has helped you with?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I think just the different approach than I've been used to. He's a very positive guy, very patient. It's just exciting, you know, to do it a little differently. It's a good challenge I think for both of us.

Q. Are you surprised he's helped turn things around, that he could come in like that and make a difference?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, that's what I was hoping for. I didn't think I'm going to have a new coach just to, you know, go through. But I definitely respect David and I'm very excited about it.

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