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June 27, 2008

Ai Sugiyama


Sugiyama and Srebotnik
2-6, 6-3, 11-9

Q. I'm sure you're very disappointed. When you said after your last doubles match that you expected the next few matches to be quite challenging, did you expect them to be quite as challenging as this one today?
AI SUGIYAMA: Well, I knew that this one is going to be tough one because they qualified, and I saw them playing qualifying round, actually. They played against Japanese team. And we were expecting that it's going to be a tough one.
But I think we have chances, a lot of chances, to get through. But unfortunately we couldn't get one, and I think they played good, too.
But we were not aggressive enough. They were serving good, volleying good, then coming to the net as they could, and it was really tough for us to do something better.

Q. A lot of the play did seem to be very close in the net. Was that something that was hard to deal with?
AI SUGIYAMA: Yeah, especially on grass they have to go to the net, otherwise playing at the baseline and passing them or make them mistake is really tough, so we got to go to the net, but we couldn't really force to come to the net. So it was tough for us to do.

Q. How do you curb your disappointment now? How do you move on? What's next for you and Katarina?
AI SUGIYAMA: Actually our schedule is a bit different. She's going to play Europe, but I'm going to play some U.S., so we're not going to play until US Open, which is really tough again.
But for Olympic games I'm playing with a Japanese girl that she's still 18, and we're going to play three tournaments together and see how it goes for the Olympic games. That's the plan for me.
But for Katarina, well, I think for both of us playing both singles and doubles is really tough. All the top good doubles teams are just playing doubles, and they just practice for doubles and focus on doubles, and that makes it easier. I wouldn't say easier, but it's more like focusing just for doubles.
But we tried to do well both singles and doubles, which makes it even tougher.

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