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June 27, 2008

Matt Jones


Q. When is the last time you had two eagles in one round?
MATT JONES: I don't know, it's been a long time. Could have been three, I lipped out on another from 15 feet. Especially when you make a double on the hole the next day, to get it back the next, it's great.

Q. Bo Van Pelt is at 14-under, birdies are flying, do you like teeing off late in the day, or do you prefer sneaking out early and posting one?
MATT JONES: I didn't care; I was just trying to play good golf.
Still not driving it well, at all, but if I get my driver going, I'll be good for the rest of the week.

Q. Missing six cuts in a row coming into this week, still struggling with the driver, what seems to be working?
MATT JONES: The putter. I made the putts. I had maybe 24 putts today.

Q. Three shots out of the lead, this kind of golf course with birdies flying, would you rather be three back on a course like this, or on a more difficult golf course where maybe a round with 70 that you could make up ground?
MATT JONES: I would rather be three back anywhere I can play; three back of the leader.

Q. Kind of at the halfway with the, you're in contention for Rookie of the Year, is that something you ever think about, maybe not on a tournament week, but maybe on an off-week?
MATT JONES: I've thought about it. I thought that there's a lot of good players out here and a lot of rookies having a good year and if I wanted to get that, I have to have a good last half of the year, and that would be nice to get, but I'd rather get a win.

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