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June 27, 2008

Angela Park


Q. You have to like where you are. You're on the right side of that leaderboard.
ANGELA PARK: Yes, definitely. I came out today, this morning, telling myself that I could go low because the greens were a little softer. And that's what I did.

Q. How do you do that? Do you just shoot at the flags? You've got to make sure you're below the hole though, right?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely. You got to play smart. It's the U.S. Open, obviously, on a hard course, not an easy course at all. You got to keep it below the pins like you said.
I made a lot of good putts out there, I was really calm and really having a lot of fun. So that was the key, I think.

Q. 28 putts. Any of them were you hitting it close, any long ones?
ANGELA PARK: No. My speed was fairly, relatively consistent. I had a couple long putts, the eagle putt and a couple birdie putts, but I hit good putts, so like Tiger says, get the speed right and they will drop.

Q. Talk about that eagle putt.
ANGELA PARK: I hit it in the left first cut and I hit a 5-wood in there, just a little draw. And I had about a 30-footer uphill and left-to-right and I was like I could make this easy putt, left-to-right uphill and there it goes, it went in.

Q. Five birdies, an eagle, and one bogey before you got finished here. But how many did you have in mind when you went out?
ANGELA PARK: I told myself anything under par today would be good. Just get me back up in the tournament. Even par would be fine too, but I told myself yesterday I'm going to go out there, go as low as possible and that's what I did.

Q. Disappointed or frustrated from yesterday, knowing when you look back at last year you were in the same position last year right up there at the top until the very end?
ANGELA PARK: Not disappointed, but I knew that I could do better. So that gave me a lot more confidence to my game. And so I took that today.
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