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June 26, 2008

Michael Beasley


(No. 2 Overall Selection, Miami Heat)

Q. Obviously we all heard that O.J. Mayo worked out for Miami. How relieved are you not to have to pick up winter boots and a snow parka?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Pretty happy about that. Growing up in D.C., I've seen snow just about every year of my life and I think this is kind of time for a change.

Q. What was your reaction --
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I was a little surprised, we had talked before the draft, and just to hear my name called, it took a lot of pressure off.

Q. So you thought you might not be picked by them?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Yeah, that was going through my head.

Q. What was today like for you? Were you nervous? What was it like?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I was tired. Couldn't get no sleep last night. Woke up and it was on my mind all day.
Now it be here and it's over, I can sleep again.

Q. Any buzz on shoe deals?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Not yet. (Smiling).

Q. Next time around going to Miami, will you bring flip flops?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I'll bring a rain coat. Last time I was there in flip flops, there was a lot of rain, but I'll bring my whole wardrobe this time.

Q. How do you think you will fit in with the Heat, and how will you celebrate tonight?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Celebrate with the guys, O.J., Derek, Russell, Kevin Love, go have fun tonight.
But I think I can fit in well, I think I can take a lot of pressure off.

Q. You must have had some scenario because like you said, you looked surprised, or not sure what the word was, but what did you think was going to happen there?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Honestly I don't know. I mean, I hear a lot of talk, 4, 3, 4 -- so I was kind of expecting the worst. When they called my name, just kind of woke me up a bit.

Q. This is the first time freshmen have gone 1, 2, 3. Did you have any indication that the summer camps, that you guys would have this much of an impact?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: We actually talked about this earlier. We all grew up together and we all grew up playing against each other and we all made a pact together that we would be here.
Just to see it all fall into place and see it all happen is kind of crazy.

Q. As a freshman, you obviously have a lot of experience in the real world. Are you going to be meeting with your agent and accountant and lawyers as quickly as possible for investment advice; are you prepared for all of that?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Came in kind of in a hurry. That's a lot -- I guess I will. But not right now.

Q. You worked so hard to get to this moment; what does it feel like to get to this point, and also do you think you'll be in Dwyane's top five now?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Hopefully. I couldn't call him earlier because of the minutes, but I just feel great and I feel relieved. My hard work finally paid off and I won't stop working. I'm going to continue to work and try to ride this thing out.

Q. I saw Kevin Durant come up to you before the draft, for you to go back-to-back; talk about how rare that is for two guys from the same place to go No. 2 in back-to-back years?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: That's crazy. I don't think it could have played out any better than it did. Me and Kevin grew up, like I said and we've been best friends since a young age. And for both of us to have identical careers so far is really amazing.

Q. Your advice yesterday was to keep smiling; are people going to be smiling down in Miami?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I hope we're going to bring a lot of smiles to Miami. We're going to bring a better record to Miami and hopefully a championship.

Q. Granted he has only one year left on his contract but Shawn Marion is on the Heat, so what role do you see yourself playing?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Small four, big three, pretty much whatever the team needs. Going to sit down and talk to Coach, whatever he tells me, that's what I'll be doing.

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