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June 26, 2008

Kevin Love


(No. 5 Overall Selection, Memphis Grizzlies)

Q. Can you talk about your feelings about being picked?
KEVIN LOVE: First person I want to thank is my dad, he is the first person that put the ball in the hands when I was a young kid.

Q. How does it feel you being earmarked at Memphis pretty much through this process and you're now a Memphis Grizzly; how does it feel?
KEVIN LOVE: It feels great. I had a great work out for the Memphis Grizzlies, and feel like I can come in and contribute right away and come in right away and play the power forward position. I can pass the ball and do a lot of mechanical stuff and I'm also a winner and try to get them back to a plus-.500 record.

Q. How much are you up on Elvis and Memphis soul?
KEVIN LOVE: I have to embrace it as much as I can. In 7th grade I was in Memphis for the National Championship there and got to go to his house for a little bit and got to embrace it a little bit, they gave me an Elvis suit.

Q. How much weight have you lost since the end of the season and what was the reason, having played at that weight all year?
KEVIN LOVE: I felt that people were kind of nagging me on my athleticism and also my lateral quickness and so I dropped the weight just as much as I possibly could.
You know, I just got myself in shape and feel like if I want to have a long career and add longevity to it, I might have to get in shape and keep in shape.

Q. What was your playing weight during the season and what have you lost since then?
KEVIN LOVE: Close to about 270. I probably am weighing about 255 now, so close to about 15 pounds.

Q. Just talk about the team Memphis has and how you think you'll fit in with the players they have got and some of the pieces there are already there.
KEVIN LOVE: Well, last year, I don't know what they are going to do with the point guard position but being able to play with one of the point guards is going to be tremendous.
I don't know if they signed Pau's brother yet but I'm going to come in and do all of the intangible stuff and I feel like I'm a leader and just going to come in and do the best I can.

Q. What about the off-the-court stuff that season tickets and fans are down; what will you do off the court to get the enthusiasm back?
KEVIN LOVE: Hopefully I will give them an extra incentive to come out to the games. I feel I add to the team and I'm a charismatic guy and come from a good family and will do whatever I can to get fans back in the seat.

Q. Talk about the back ten, you went back-to-back with Russell and O.J.; talk about how strong that Conference is.
KEVIN LOVE: It's crazy, we had three of the top five picks and I was so happy for Russell that he got picked there.
You know, he's going to the northwest and that's where I'm from and I'm happy for him. I told him beforehand if he got picked before me, to give me a big hug and vice versa and it worked out that way and O.J., really we go all the way back to 7th grade, we've been friends, so really happy for both of those guys.

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