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June 26, 2008

Brandon Rush


(No. 13 Overall Selection, Portland Trail Blazers)

Q. Can you talk about your feelings being drafted?
BRANDON RUSH: Relieved to hear my name and to be drafted by this organization and looking forward to playing.

Q. You were a high prospect a couple years ago and now you're with a young team on the rise; how do you feel about your situation now?
BRANDON RUSH: Right now I feel good about the whole situation and what happened last year, the whole thing, going into rehab -- but winning a National Championship and coming to the Green Room and being a lottery pick is a big blessing.

Q. Can you just talk a little more about what it means to be a lottery pick, does that make it sweeter?
BRANDON RUSH: It doesn't make any difference, as long as I was in the first round I was happy about it and then going to an organization like Portland and they have some good, young talent, I'm happy to be out there.

Q. Bayless was drafted by Indiana and he seemed to be as happy as if he had a root canal; are you looking forward to being reunited with the Rush brothers?
BRANDON RUSH: I don't know if he's going to sign for next year, I'm not sure, but it would have been fun going to Indiana.
It will be fun going at each other every day, it would be fun.

Q. Did your brother say anything to you to prepare you for today?
BRANDON RUSH: No, not really. Told me not to worry too much and time was going to come, and it finally did and I heard my name, and I was so relieved.

Q. Did you get any indication at all from Portland before you heard your name called?
BRANDON RUSH: I didn't get nothing. My agent just told me that, I guess a minute before David Stern came on the podium, so, relief.

Q. Had you talked to Kevin Pritchard before?
BRANDON RUSH: Not really. I talked to him when I went to work out a little bit but it wasn't anything really deep.

Q. Going too training camp, safe to say you won't get any attention because of another guy drafted last year?
BRANDON RUSH: Yeah, it will be a relief and looking forward to training camp.

Q. Portland is a small market yet located near a certain shoe company; do you anticipate a deal?
BRANDON RUSH: Hopefully, and my agent and my PR people, I have to get with them.

Q. Did you make the connection that Julian (Wright) got picked 13th last year?
BRANDON RUSH: Oh, that's great. I thought he was picked 14th for some reason.
I talked to him earlier today and he said, relax, stay calm and try not to mess up your suit by sweating.

Q. What is it like in the Green Room?
BRANDON RUSH: It ain't nothing real special but it's fun to get invited to something like this, a big event.

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